Consumer Financial Protection Board Issues Warning To Bitcoin Investors   Author: Brian O'Connell   
Bitcoin, the digital currency created back in 2009 to eliminate middlemen such as banks from currency transactions, is increasingly on the radar screen of economists, Wall Street and consumers.
The U.S. Dollar is in Trouble    Author:    
Do a search for “U.S. Dollar is in Trouble” on Google and watch what comes up. 127 million hits. From CNBC to Reuters, Rense to ZeroHedge, mainstream sites to unconventional sites alike you can clearly see the amount of rhetoric that is our there regarding the possibly of the US dollar weakening.
Is the Fall In The Rupee All Bad News?   Author: Robert Smith   
For the most part, Indians have looked on in horror as their rupee has undergone unprecedented declines against other foreign currencies.
Syrian Intervention: the Gamble that could Define Obama’s Presidency.    Author: Will Hope, Guest Author   
Seeking congressional authorization over military involvement in Syria is undoubtedly one of President Obama’s biggest gambles. Congress has given Obama startlingly few legislative victories of late and, as a result, the move to send such a volatile decision to the House has surprised many commentators.
American Airlines Pilots Turn To Self-Directed IRAs As Deadline Looms   Author: Tassoula Kokkoris   
The self-directed IRA industry keeps growing, and more people than ever are looking for ways to diversify outside of the stock market.
What Is The Forex Market And How Can It Benefit You?   Author: HFX   
Forex (Foreign Exchange) is an on the spot purchase and sale of one countries currency for that of another country.
British Recession and Gold Investment   Author: Ben Traynor   
Recent economic reports in Great Britain indicate the country is experiencing its first “double-dip” recession since the ‘70s, although the development was expected due to rising debt and falling GDP. The evolving economic climate could result in a Greek-style debt crisis or runaway inflation, and many are wondering how it will impact their investments. British gold investors in particular are curious as to how the recession will impact Sterling gold prices, and while many who invested early on in the crisis have enjoyed gains, the turning tide may be a sign that hedging against those bets may be a wise decision. For more on this continue reading the following article from Bullion Vault.
France Linchpin in Euro Success or Failure    Author: Martin Hutchinson   
While all eyes are on Spain to see whether its struggling economy will be the last straw for the euro, some experts believe the real danger lurking in the shadows is France. France is positioned in such a way that if it were to fail the whole of the Eurozone could not bail it out, and right now it’s debt-to-GDP ratio was at 85% at the close of 2011 - far worse than Spain’s at 66%. Moreover, Spain has been introducing a hard-hitting austerity program while France’s plan focuses only on tax increases rather than spending cuts. It’s possible the fate of the euro could be further focused to France’s election, as some speculate a radical shift in policy could damage prospects for stability.
Analysts Consider Fate of Euro   Author: BBH FX Strategy   
Where once it believed the euro was fated to an untimely demise due to a global financial meltdown followed by a regional debt crisis, it now appears the currency may struggle out of the mire to live another day thanks to large liquidity injections and a halting but noticeable U.S. economic recovery. The euro actually rose in the first quarter despite continued unease about the state of Greece and the potential problems still lurking in Ireland, Italy and Spain. Experts expect elections in Greece and France may cause further currency instability, but look to interest rate differentials between the U.S. and Germany and the correlation between the euro and the S&P 500 for signs of what the beleaguered currency may do next.
EMEA Currencies Respond to Trade Balance Data    Author: BBH FX Strategy   
The external trade balance reports for European, Middle Eastern and African countries indicates ups and downs for various currencies, with Hungary and Turkey looking to perform while South Africa and Poland are expected to slip. Experts believe the narrow trade deficit in Turkey is promising for currency there, but South Africa’s deficit did not narrow as much and will likely leave currency weak. Poland’s deficit has grown, which means currency will probably suffer in the short- and medium-term, but there is still hope for later improvement. Finally, although Hungary’s account surplus is shrinking, experts expect good performance on margin.

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