Bitcoin: Past, Present and Future   Author: Lance Peterson, Guest Writer   
With a record that is pretty much down for most part of the year, Bitcoin is not expected to be the best in crypto-currency in the market.
Swiss Franc Hovers One-to-One Against the Euro   Author: Robert Turp, Guest Writer   
Last week’s shock decision by the Swiss National Bank, to allow its currency to climb freely, saw the value of the franc soar, to almost one-to-one against the euro.
AUSD Dive Slows as Australia and China Agree Trade Deal   Author: Marijn van Haaren, Guest Writer   
Whether you’re a first-time forex trader or you’re already well established in the market, a trend like the one we witnessed last week from the AUSD was one that we’re not likely to see again for a long time.
Forex Volatility: Is Life Really Set To Return To The Markets?   Author: Patrick Foot, financial markets writer at IG   
In a year where many predicted that confidence would return to finance after the six-year lull brought about by the 2008 recession, a jarring story has emerged: the complete dearth of movement in forex investment.
Gold vs The US Dollar   Author:    
Will gold or the US Dollar be the better performer in the coming years?
Succeeding in the Forex Market: Can the Breakout Strategy Work for You?   Author: Marijn van Haaren, Guest Writer   
As the number of accessible derivative products continues to rise, so too does the volume of trading methods used by investors
What the Bank of England Minutes Revealed   Author: Marijn van Haaren, Guest Writer   
Investors will be looking on very carefully at the moment, after recently-revealed minutes from the Bank of England's August Monetary Policy Committee have shown that some of its members were split regarding a proposed rise in interest rates.
Consumer Financial Protection Board Issues Warning To Bitcoin Investors   Author: Brian O'Connell   
Bitcoin, the digital currency created back in 2009 to eliminate middlemen such as banks from currency transactions, is increasingly on the radar screen of economists, Wall Street and consumers.
The U.S. Dollar is in Trouble    Author:    
Do a search for “U.S. Dollar is in Trouble” on Google and watch what comes up. 127 million hits. From CNBC to Reuters, Rense to ZeroHedge, mainstream sites to unconventional sites alike you can clearly see the amount of rhetoric that is our there regarding the possibly of the US dollar weakening.
Is the Fall In The Rupee All Bad News?   Author: Robert Smith   
For the most part, Indians have looked on in horror as their rupee has undergone unprecedented declines against other foreign currencies.

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