A Beginner’s Guide to Ethical Investment   Author: Phil Glenewinkel, SPI Sanlam   
Ethical investment goes under many guises, some call it socially responsible investment, and others call it sustainable investment, green investment or responsible investment as well as ethical investment.
What's Wrong With Green Investments?   Author:    
Everyone's "going green." Should you? Green investments are supposed to provide you with returns and a clear conscience.
Will 2011 Be A Breakout Year For Alternative Energy Investment   Author: Larry D. Spears   
As state and regional alternative energy incentive and mandates start to mature, starting at the end of 2010, experts believe that 2011 has the potential to be a strong growth year for investors in US alternative energy companies.
China Named Best Place To Invest In Green Energy   Author: Kerri Shannon   
China has taken over the top spot on the latest list of top countries for green energy investment, beating out the US, Germany and India.
First Large-Scale Residential Property Powered By A Fuel Cell   Author: National Real Estate Investor   
Connecticut will be home to the largest residential fuel cell installation in the world, when construction of a new 25 story mixed use building in New Haven is completed this summer.
Global Market For Carbon Allowances Could Reach $1.2 Trillion By 2020   Author: Commodity Online   
Although the global recession and sharp declines in carbon allowances resulted in weak growth in the global carbon credit market in 2009, analysts believe that the market is poised for dramatic growth in the future.
Germany Reducing Incentives For Solar Property Investment   Author: Property Wire   
Launched two decades ago, Germany's effective and exemplary renewable energy feed-in tariff plan is slated for a cut-back, spurring near-term solar investment.
United States Renewable Energy Sector Is Falling Behind The Rest Of The World   Author: Kerri Shannon   
As China and Europe implement policies to encourage clean energy market growth, US clean energy companies are focusing their efforts overseas - resulting in lost jobs and opportunities in the US.
Obama Chooses Economy Over Environment   Author: Kerri Shannon   
News from the White House on a reversal of the long-standing drilling ban was met with criticism from environmentalists.
Advancements In Geothermal Energy Could Help The Environment And Investors   Author: David Fessler   
Technological advances in geothermal energy could soon lead to a widespread commercial solution that creates energy cheaply, and is environmentally friendly.

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