Top Five Collectibles Markets In 2014   Author:    
Here are five collectible investment options you might wish to consider as an alternative way to store and grow your wealth.
Making Money With Sports Memorabilia    Author: Rebecca Craft, Value My Stuff   
If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love nothing more than watching your favorite team, player or athlete perform. However, many people take this passion one step further and start to collect sporting memorabilia.
Whisky – Dream Dram Or Investor’s Ruin?   Author:    
A bottle of single malt has raised the whisky auction record by 37.3% per annum, amid a flurry of spectacular collectibles sales that have drawn strong attention to the market.
Annuities As An Investment   Author: TermLifeMax   
How is it possible that an investment tool can be tied to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but be risk free? Learn more about Annuities...
Cashing Out or Cashing In On Life Insurance – Life Insurance Settlements Explained   Author: TermLifeMax   
While most people obtain life insurance as a means to provide financial support for dependents in the event of their death, there are many cases where life circumstances call for a change of plans. Learn more about life insurance settlement options.
Investing In Used Cars: Buying & Selling Tips   Author: Robert Smith   
Buying and selling cars can be a solid investment opportunity, with used cars being the preferred medium.
Financial Media: Laughter, Tears, Frustration and Exhaustion   Author:    
Prediction based on fundamentals is a truly basic concept for analysts in the world of finance. Unfortunately this task has become so daunting that it now requires an added level of understanding when assessing world market trends.
Dumping Investment Losses Can Lower Taxes    Author: Jeff Brown   
The end of the year is approaching and anyone planning to sell investments must consider the benefits of offloading investments that have lost money so that the loss may be subtracted from capital gains taxes on any investment sold at a profit this year. If there is a total net loss, up to $3,000 of it may be deducted from the total tax cost for the year. Investors should keep in mind, however, that short-term investments incur a higher tax rate than long-term investments held for over year, the gains of which are taxed at 15% in the year they are sold. For more on this continue reading the following article from TheStreet.
What Is A Contract For Difference (CFD)?   Author: David Walton, Contributed Article   
A contract for difference (CFD) is an agreement between two parties to exchange the total difference in value between the price of a particular commodity at the start of the contract and the price when the contract is terminated.
Are Autographs An Overlooked Investment Option?   Author:    
I want to draw your attention to this index as autographs, particularly the highest quality signed photographs, are often overlooked as investments, yet, like the majority of collectible assets, the market for the rarest examples is thriving.

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