The Enigmatic World of Argyle Diamonds   Author: Benji Margolese, Leiish & Co.   
The Argyle brand, referring to diamonds mined in the famous Argyle mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, is like the Coca Cola of cola drinks, the Nike of sneakers, or the Rolls Royce of automobiles.
Bitcoin: Past, Present and Future   Author: Lance Peterson, Guest Writer   
With a record that is pretty much down for most part of the year, Bitcoin is not expected to be the best in crypto-currency in the market.
Taxes and Spread Betting: How Does it All Work?   Author: Marijn van Haaren, Guest Writer   
Spread betting is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular forms of financial day trading, for a variety of reasons.
Investors Shouldn't Worry Too Much About The Fed's Next Move   Author: Scott Gamm, TheStreet   
If 2014 taught investors anything, it's not to obsess over the Federal Reserve's moves.
Understanding Market Cycles in the UK and the Importance of Diversification   Author: Marijn van Haaren, Guest Writer   
According to the Bank of England, the UK is well on the way towards securing a full economic recovery.
A No-Nonsense Guide to UK Investment Account Options   Author: Marijn van Haaren, Guest Writer   
Here is a no-nonsense guide to two of the most popular forms of investment account.
Consumer Financial Protection Board Issues Warning To Bitcoin Investors   Author: Brian O'Connell   
Bitcoin, the digital currency created back in 2009 to eliminate middlemen such as banks from currency transactions, is increasingly on the radar screen of economists, Wall Street and consumers.
Tax Changes You Should Be Aware Of   Author: David M. Watts, Jr., McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC    
The following is a summary of the most important tax developments that have occurred in the past several months that may affect you, your family, your investments, and your livelihood.
Fundrise Revs Up: Realty Crowdfunding Fast Gaining Ground Across the US   Author:    
With the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) coming out with new rules on solicitation online, and with another wave of rules that came out which allows for non-accredited investors, Fundrise has sped up on building productive financial partnerships.
Keeping It Simple: 3 Investment Strategies That Will Always Be Winners In The Long-Run   Author: Harold Dayton, Guest Writer   
In your search for the next big investment idea, you may be missing the simple stuff that's sitting right under your nose.

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