4 Relatively New Ways to Make Your Capital Work for You   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
Capital investments have been a traditional means of building wealth and generating revenue, especially in this country, for many decades.
3 Alternative Investments To Improve Your Quality of Life   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
With the recent craze over passive income and building wealth through investment, it may seem that the wealthy are becoming richer without having to work harder; so how are they doing it?
Oil Plunge Has Acquirers Salivating at Depressed Valuations    Author:    
There is an interesting downward dynamic currently occurring in the market, driven largely by the over-supply price-pressure on oil & gas.
What If Inflation Has Been Conquered?    Author: Peter Miller   
Inflation is everywhere, it's why a loaf of bread costs more today than it cost a few years ago even though no additional slices have been added to the package. It's also why homes may be a lot cheaper than we generally think.
Whole Life vs Term: A Controversial New Case Study - Part II   Author: David Lewis   
In part 2 of the series, financial planning & insurance expert David Lewis runs the numbers and analyzes the true cost difference between whole life insurance & buying term and invest the difference.
The Real Estate Crowdfunding Industry is Heating Up   Author: RealtyShares   
The intense enthusiasm over crowdfunding business ventures has spilled over into other verticals, bringing interest and momentum to real estate investing.
Making the Case for Hedge Funds: Why They Still Matter   Author:    
Hedge funds simply aren’t given enough credit for what they’re intended to do: generate profits while controlling certain aspects of risk
How You Can Make a Business Out of Binary Options   Author: Greg Watson   
Binary Options are now some of the most popular trading instruments online alongside Forex. This derivative instrument has grown so much over the last two years thanks to increasing legalization and acceptance by various financial regulatory authorities across the world.
What Does the Future Hold for the Crowdfunding Industry?   Author:    
When the JOBS Act was enacted in 2012, a whole new world of investing began to take shape. This evolution has led to a growing popularity in the use of private markets, via so-called alternative platforms.
Could Mortgage Rates Go Lower?   Author: Peter Miller   
Interest rates are set to rise in September, at least according to a number of headlines and Internet commentaries, but maybe – just maybe – it might be worthwhile to step back and consider a different possibility. What if mortgage rates stay pretty much where they are or even fall?

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