Are We In Worse Shape Today Than Prior To The Last Financial Crisis?   Author: Darren V. Long   
The question that should be asked but never is. “Are we in worse shape than we were just prior to the last great financial crisis or are we better off?”
US Mortgage Debacle, What Would You Have Done?   Author: Darren V. Long, Senior Analyst - Guildhall Wealth Management   
So, you built a portfolio of successful investments predicated on one single set of underlying “AAA” securities...
The Disadvantages of Investing in Colored Diamonds   Author: Leibish & Co.   
Color diamonds have become a popular commodity among investors for some time now, for a myriad of reasons, including their impressive price appreciation, compact size, and irresistible beauty. However, like a pancake, as flat as it may be, there are always two sides. It would be extremely unwise not to carefully examine the negative sides of diamond investments, and learn about the suggested solutions to the challenges presented. Here are some of the main points to consider.
Precious Metal Prices Pop   Author: Joe Deaux   
Both gold and silver came galloping out of the gate Monday (5/20) to make up for losses and then some as heavy trading acted to reverse a downward trend for precious metals. Experts are crediting higher investor confidence, which some believe was triggered by positive economic news and reports that the Federal Reserve might ratchet down its inflationary policy rhetoric. Many gold mining stocks and ETFs also saw positive performance, although it may be too early to say that these metals are poised for sustained comeback. For more on this continue reading the following article from TheStreet.
Evaluating The 'Carat' Of A Colored Diamond   Author: Leibish & Co.   
For many people a diamond’s carat weight is one of the most important factors when choosing a stone.
American Airlines Pilots Turn To Self-Directed IRAs As Deadline Looms   Author: Tassoula Kokkoris   
The self-directed IRA industry keeps growing, and more people than ever are looking for ways to diversify outside of the stock market.
Evaluating The Clarity Of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds    Author: Leibish & Co.   
A diamond's clarity plays a very important role in its overall value. This is because one of the main aspects of the beauty of a diamond lies in its appearance, and the clearer the stone the more magnificent it looks.
Evaluating The Color Of A Natural Fancy Color Diamond   Author: Leibish & Co.   
Though color is just one of the 4Cs of diamond investment, the characteristic of color is the most important factor when it comes to evaluating natural fancy colored diamonds.
Investing In Colored Diamonds: What You Need To Know   Author: Leibish & Co.   
Before deciding to invest your hard earned funds into colored diamonds, it is important to understand what you're doing, perform some basic research and to build the right connections in the market. Here are some things potential investors need to know.
Investing in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds Vs. Colorless Diamonds    Author: Benji Margolese, Leibish & Co.   
When looking to invest in diamonds, it is important to understand where the value of stones comes from. One of the biggest factors in determining the value of a diamond is the rarity of the stone.

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