Passion Investment in Yellow Diamonds    Author: Benji Margolese, Leibish & Co.   
It is imperative to analyze the different levels and types of yellow diamonds in order to know whether a specific stone is valuable and if it could be considered a wise investment.
Imprudent Reactions and False Hopes   Author: Darren Long, Guildhall Wealth Management   
I love imprudent reactions. In fact when it comes to silver bullion there have been plenty of days in which I have witnessed tremendous kneejerk reactions.
Gold vs. Platinum   Author:    
Gold or Platinum? What will the price charts reveal in trying to determine which asset will perform better in the coming years?
Gold vs The US Dollar   Author:    
Will gold or the US Dollar be the better performer in the coming years?
Allow Me to Reintroduce You to Silver and Gold   Author: Darren Long, Guest Writer   
The demand for physical gold and silver is exploding all over the world and bullion banks are now experiencing a supply crunch that is absolutely unprecedented.
Real Estate Vs Gold: Which Is The Better Investment?   Author:    
Analyst Waqar Meyer answers the question about which investment is better: gold or real estate?
Considering A Self-Directed Gold IRA Or 401(k) To Gold IRA Rollover?   Author: SACDC, Guest Author   
Precious metals offer stable growth and long-term security and may be an asset to consider for your self-directed retirement assets.
Why Palladium Continues To Increase in Price   Author:    
Palladium is trading on the open market at a multiyear highs of around $800 per ounce; a tidy gain of approximately 330 percent. Let me reintroduce you to this precious metal.
Are We In Worse Shape Today Than Prior To The Last Financial Crisis?   Author: Darren V. Long   
The question that should be asked but never is. “Are we in worse shape than we were just prior to the last great financial crisis or are we better off?”
US Mortgage Debacle, What Would You Have Done?   Author: Darren V. Long, Senior Analyst - Guildhall Wealth Management   
So, you built a portfolio of successful investments predicated on one single set of underlying “AAA” securities...

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