5 Reasons to Invest as a Private Mortgage Lender    Author: Gerald Harris, Guest Writer   
Private mortgages are attractive investments for numerous reasons, here are the top 5.
Private Mortgage Loans Offer Principal Protection And Great Returns   Author:    
Have you ever heard someone say something to the tune of “I’ve worked too hard building up my savings to lose even a little of it in this market, but I don’t know what I should invest in?"
Private Mortgage Loans Offer Attractive Investment Yields   Author:    
For good yields, investing in private mortgage loans backed by real estate could be a smart choice. Learn more in this article from Island View Private Loan Fund.
American Airlines Pilots Turn To Self-Directed IRAs As Deadline Looms   Author: Tassoula Kokkoris   
The self-directed IRA industry keeps growing, and more people than ever are looking for ways to diversify outside of the stock market.
Fixed Income and Principal Preservation Through Private Mortgage Loans   Author:    
Investing in private mortgage loans isn’t rocket science, however, you should rely on someone experienced in reviewing and analyzing these types of alternative investments. Here are a few items to keep in mind when considering investing in private mortgage loans:
Private Mortgage Investing: Obtaining Attractive Returns While Protecting Your Principal    Author:    
Unlike the stock or bond market, there are not real time dynamic financial changes that affect the yield on private mortgage loans. Either the interest is paid as agreed by the borrower, which is typically the case, or if a default occurs there should be more than enough value in the asset to recover the principal invested plus a margin of profit.
Loan Policy vs. Title Insurance Policy    Author: Jessica Kimble   
When a borrower takes out a loan to buy a home she or he obtains title insurance that ostensibly protects the buyer from defects in the title such as recording mistakes, forged deeds and the like. The lender also gets insurance in the form of a loan policy that secures its interest in the value of the titled property. This policy, however, is not as strong as the title insurance policy, and when lenders foreclose on homes but do not pursue acquisition of the title insurance policy they can be exposed to additional risk. For more on this continue reading the following article from JDSupra.
Private Mortgage Loans as an Alternative Investment   Author:    
One of the simplest and most straight forward alternative investments that exists today is funding a private mortgage loan. Loans typically are made at no more than 60%-70% of the market value of the property, so risk is extremely low.
Family Loans: Don't Overlook Tax Implications   Author: Brian O'Connell   
A new study from National Family Mortgage, a company that specializes in servicing interfamily loans, says that Baby Boomers are lending a large share of their retirement to their adult children and aging parents and that tax implications may ensue. Most people don’t think about the tax on a family loan, but the fact is that the law requires interest on such loans to be reported or the exclusion that protects family members from such taxes. People making loans to family members are advised to speak to a tax professional if only to avoid any misunderstanding with the IRS.
A Simpler, and More Efficient, Way To Implement The Infinite Banking Concept   Author: David C. Lewis, RFC   
Using a 10-pay policy offers a more efficient and simpler way to implement the Infinite Banking Concept.

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