Australia Looking To Impose Additional Restrictions On Foreign Property Buyers   Author: Global Property Guide   
Australia is likely to impose a slew of penalties on foreigners who flout its property buying laws.
Student Accommodation Still Among Best Investment Markets for Growth   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Recent research by Mistoria Group, specialists in student property investment, has highlighted the speed of growth in the student property market.
Second Quarter Spanish Home Sales up 12%   Author: Peter Scully, Pure Property Overseas   
The second quarter of the year saw sales of Spanish homes up 12.1% compared to the same period in 2013. Foreign buyers provided much of the buying activity behind the increase.
Do Investors Overlook Dubai Property Risks?   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Are people still overlooking the risks of Dubai's real estate market to this day?
Bank Of England Wants More Control Over Home Loans   Author: Global Property Guide   
The Bank of England (BoE) has asked for new powers to limit UK loan-to-income and loan-to-value ratios, so that a UK housing bust can be prevented.
International Mortgages Easier For Global Investors Than Remortgaging For Banking Governors   Author: IP Global, Guest Post   
International mortgages have become easier to obtain for global investors than it is for leading bankers to remortgage their residences.
Drones Being Used In Argentina To Catch Real Estate Tax Evaders   Author: Property Wire   
Small drones – fitted with cameras - recently flew over an exclusive residential neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, and took pictures of luxury houses declared on tax returns by their owners as empty lots.
Scottish Property Market Booming After Vote To Remain Part Of The UK   Author: Property Wire   
Scotland has seen renewed activity in the residential real estate market in the weeks after the historic referendum vote.
Hong Kong Property Market Could Be In For Major Correction   Author: Global Property Guide   
Hong Kong´s residential property market has risen relentlessly for four years, but a severe price correction now threatens.
Growth in Dubai Economy Could Reach 5.6%   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
According to one advisory firm which specializes in property, economic growth in Dubai could reach a level of 5.6% before the year is out.

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