UK Tenants Now Able To Check For Landlord Accreditation Before Signing Lease   Author: Property Wire   
The National Landlords Association (NLA) has launched a new initiative to enable tenants to check if their landlord is accredited.
Vietnam Property Market Should See Boost From Relaxed Foreign Investment Rules    Author: Global Property Guide   
A change in policy is set to boost overseas investment in Vietnamese real estate.
Global Rents Only Rise By 0.6% In 2014   Author: Property Wire   
Prime global residential property rents rose by 0.6% in 2014, their weakest annual rise since 2009, according to the latest index from international real estate firm Knight Frank.
How A Potential U.S. Interest Rate Hike Would Impact Foreign Real Estate Markets   Author: Global Property Guide   
A possible rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank will hurt the housing markets as it will discourage foreign capital flows.
U.S. Virgin Islands' Real Estate Market Turning Around   Author: Global Property Guide   
The USVI’s property market is expected to continue to recover this year, as more visitors come. However the USVI remains vulnerable to the overall state of the global economy.
International Investors Fuel Panama City Real Estate Growth   Author: Duncan McGowan   
The tides of Panama City’s real estate market have shifted in recent months, as the country’s economy continues to grow and international investors return to the market.
Investors Flocking To Indian Real Estate Market   Author: Global Property Guide   
The phenomenal growth in real estate investment in India is attracting global attention.
Foreign Property Buyers In Spain Receive Important Protection   Author: Global Property Guide   
The Spanish government has passed a law to make it mandatory to compensate overseas buyers before their illegally built homes in Spain are demolished.
Istanbul Real Estate Sees Significant Growth   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
The exceptionally strong performance of Istanbul's property market is down in no small part to tourism, which is boosting the real estate sector more-or-less across the country.
Egypt Lowers Top Tax Rate in bid to attract Investors   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
Egypt is doing much to attract private investment from both domestic and foreign investors as the country aims to rejuvenate its economy and push forward a number of major development projects.

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