Investors in Dubai Property Seeking Better Returns   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
According to industry experts, those who hold investment's in the popular Dubai property sector are seeking better yields.
London Calling:Tips for Buying a Residence or Rental Property   Author: Paula Yates   
The capital city of London has been a magnet for overseas buyers in recent years and prices in some areas of this ever-popular world famous destination have responded accordingly to the surge in demand.
Choosing the Best Property Asset for Generating Income   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Every investor has different goals, and this is particularly true in property which has two distinct streams of returns.
Caribbean and Central American Property Forecasts Optimistic   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
Forecasts suggest that Caribbean and Central American property sectors are likely to grow over the course of this year.
5 Keys to Successful International Property Management   Author: Heather Langley, Guest Writer   
If you are considering broadening your investment in bricks and mortar to include properties overseas, there are a number of key questions that you need to be asking yourself before you go ahead and buy.
Brazilians Buying Up Property In The United States   Author: Global Property Guide   
Real estate professionals have reported a surge in inquiries from Brazilians seeking to buy homes at some American locations including Miami, Orlando, New York and Boston.
Wonder What Secrets Tenants Keep From Their Landlords? The Survey Says...   Author: Property Wire   
The most common secret that tenants in the UK don’t want revealed is making excuses to try and avoid paying the rent, followed by keeping pets without permission, a new survey has found.
Where Did The Russian International Property Buyers Go?   Author: Global Property Guide   
Russians have been one of the top luxury residential property buyers in many countries, but the dwindling value of ruble has slashed their purchasing power.
Investors Taking Over Australian Real Estate Market   Author: Global Property Guide   
Investors are taking half of all mortgages issued to home buyers in Australia and are pricing middle class and young families out of the property markets.
Birmingham Catches Overseas Investor Interest as London Loses its Sparkle   Author: Eve Hanson, Guest Writer   
With London house prices heading into the stratosphere in certain parts of the capital, it is not surprising that even the wealthiest investors have begun to wonder if there is better value to be had elsewhere.

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