Indian Property Market Will Be Strengthened By Introduction Of REITs   Author: Property Wire   
The introduction of Real Estate Investment Trusts in India will help deepen the country’s property industry and bring greater industry stability, it is claimed.
The Success of Barbados' Property Market   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
A number of islands in the Caribbean are seeing significant property market growth, but Barbados definitely stands out from the crowd.
Foreign Home Buyers Boosting Spain's Property Market   Author: Property Wire   
Residential property sales in Spain increased by 8.8% in June compared to the same month a year ago, the latest data from the National Statistics Institute shows.
Investing Overseas Attractive Again   Author: Alex Summers, Guest Author   
Big time companies such as Morgan Stanley and the Blackstone Group are eying areas of the country such as Mumbai as places to invest their money again.
Prices For UK Homes Near Football Stadiums Up 129%   Author: Property Wire   
With the football season starting in the UK an annual analysis of the price of homes close to Premier League football grounds shows that they have increased by 129% over the last 10 years.
Top 10 International Property Management Tips   Author: IP Global, Guest Post   
Here are 10 Tips for Managing International Property Investments.
Is Austria Europe’s Next Investment Hotspot?   Author: Ivana Vitali, Guest Author   
Even in the bad years which were a problem for many European countries, the Federal Republic of Austria produced some pretty impressive economic indicators.
Russian Property Prices Falling Along With Economy   Author: Global Property Guide   
Despite Russia’s enormous oil output, Russia’s economy is slowing. Excess power in the hands of Putin, plus the Ukraine crisis, are stoking ‘hot money’ outflows.
Cayman Islands Introduces New Property Valuation Program   Author: Alex Summers   
A new compulsory valuer registration program for real estate in the Cayman Islands has been introduced with the aim of providing more confidence in the property market.
South Africa Plans To Restrict Foreigners From Buying Land   Author: Global Property Guide   
The South African government plans to impose restrictions on foreign investment in real estate by introducing a bill which would allow a foreigner to lease land, but not buy it.

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