Foreign Property Buyers In Spain Receive Important Protection   Author: Global Property Guide   
The Spanish government has passed a law to make it mandatory to compensate overseas buyers before their illegally built homes in Spain are demolished.
Istanbul Real Estate Sees Significant Growth   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
The exceptionally strong performance of Istanbul's property market is down in no small part to tourism, which is boosting the real estate sector more-or-less across the country.
Egypt Lowers Top Tax Rate in bid to attract Investors   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
Egypt is doing much to attract private investment from both domestic and foreign investors as the country aims to rejuvenate its economy and push forward a number of major development projects.
New Zealand Taking Measures To Protect Itself In The Event Of A Housing Market Crash   Author: Global Property Guide   
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is likely to ask banks to include property investment loans in a specific asset sub-class category, and hold appropriate regulatory capital against them, to safeguard banks in case these borrowers default due to a housing market crash.
Australian Government Threatens Repossession Of Chinese Billionaire's Property   Author: Global Property Guide   
One of the China’s richest men is the first foreigner to feel the fury of the Australian government for allegedly flouting Australian property buying rules.
Investors in Dubai Property Seeking Better Returns   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
According to industry experts, those who hold investment's in the popular Dubai property sector are seeking better yields.
London Calling:Tips for Buying a Residence or Rental Property   Author: Paula Yates   
The capital city of London has been a magnet for overseas buyers in recent years and prices in some areas of this ever-popular world famous destination have responded accordingly to the surge in demand.
Choosing the Best Property Asset for Generating Income   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Every investor has different goals, and this is particularly true in property which has two distinct streams of returns.
Caribbean and Central American Property Forecasts Optimistic   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
Forecasts suggest that Caribbean and Central American property sectors are likely to grow over the course of this year.
5 Keys to Successful International Property Management   Author: Heather Langley, Guest Writer   
If you are considering broadening your investment in bricks and mortar to include properties overseas, there are a number of key questions that you need to be asking yourself before you go ahead and buy.

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