Demand For Montenegro Property Is High, But Housing Prices Are Falling - What Gives?   Author: Global Property Guide   
Montenegro’s house prices - as recorded in the official statistics - are falling. But the reality is that there is strong property demand, a healthy construction sector, and (especially) booming tourism and foreign luxury property demand, which in turn is making some locals very rich.
Foreigners Account For 1 In 10 Paris Property Sales   Author: Property Wire   
Foreign buyers are increasingly snapping up properties in and around Paris with new figures showing they account for almost one in 10 sales.
From PM To President - Erdogan To Take Turkey’s Investment Appeal To A New Level   Author: Spot Blue   
Building on Turkey’s bullish economy and growing the country’s appeal to foreign investors are among key aims of Turkey’s newly elected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Property Investing Questions: Should You Buy Land and Build, or Buy Existing Property?   Author: Bella Whitelaw   
The conventional wisdom and familiar quote often used when property investment is under discussion, is to always consider buying land as a good investment because they are not making it anymore.
Argentina's Property Market Suffering Due To Country's Currency Restrictions   Author: Global Property Guide   
Uncertainty about the Argentine peso is jinxing the country’s property market.
French Government Attempts To Boost Property Market With Major Tax Breaks   Author: Global Property Guide   
To revive France's housing market, the French government will soon offer tax breaks to property owners, the second set of market-boosting reforms in three months.
RICS Playing A Growing Role In Brazilian Property Markets   Author: Property Wire   
The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has an important role in the real estate industry in Brazil as growth in the markets continue, it is claimed.
The Benefits of Building Society and Community Banking Mortgages   Author: Marijn van Haaren, Guest Writer   
This week’s announcement by the Bank of England (BoE) may have swayed the opinions of most individuals, however, as Governor Mark Carney revealed that interest rates are to be kept at a record-low 0.5% for the foreseeable future. The purpose of this is to reduce the rate of inflation prior to next years’ General Election.
UK Student Housing Investment Continues to Soar   Author: Peter Scully, Pure Student Property   
According to Savills, the past two years have seen student property investment in the UK soar.
Spanish Property Investment Could be on the Up   Author: Peter Scully, Pure Property Overseas   
Now that 2014 has at last shown some positive trends for Spain's property market, could this be the time to start investing again?

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