France’s Favourable Conditions Give Alpine Homes The Edge After Brexit Vote    Author: Julian Walker, Spot Blue   
Ski homes in the French Alps remain attractive to British investors in 2016, thanks to ongoing investment in resorts, the availability of cheap euro mortgages and looser leaseback rules, which together are helping to counter any concerns about this year’s Brexit vote.
UK Interest Rate Cut is Expected to Benefit Property Market   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Despite the turmoil of Brexit, prime buy-to-let markets in areas such as London and Manchester have shown positive signs of recovery already and the new 0.25% interest rate should boost these markets even further.
Investors Scooping Up Last Apartments in Panama’s Trump Ocean Club   Author: Jeff Barton   
There has been a flood of sales in Panama’s Trump Ocean Club in recent months, as the iconic waterfront tower enters the final closeout phase.
How Will Brexit Impact Panama?   Author: Duncan McGowan, President of Punta Pacifica Realty   
After a steep drop in the first few days, stocks have stabilized, but analysts around the world are scrambling to discern the short and long term impact of the vote.
Could Brexit Actually Boost Foreign Investment in UK Property?   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Some experts are expecting that one specific area – foreign property investment – may actually get a significant boost from the vote to leave.
Weak Pound a Draw for US Property Investors   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Investors from the US, in particular, are finding the situation in the UK property market encouraging right now.
Hotel Competition Creates Bargains in Panama City   Author: Jeff Barton    
A glut of hotel rooms in Panama City is translating into great deals for visitors. Room rates are at all-time lows, making a trip to Panama’s fast-growing capital a bargain compared to other popular destinations.
The Big Problem With House Price Indices And Estimates   Author: Leigh Stewart,   
House prices are the most common source of information for property news and advice but they’re inherently flawed argues real estate editor, Leigh Stewart.
The nature of Loss: What can Buy-to-let Investors expect in 2016?    Author: Dominic Celica   
K Prime Minister David Cameron can scarcely recall a worse week in politics, with thousands calling for his resignation of mishandling of his involvement in the Panama tax scandal.
Will Investment do for Manchester What it Did for Dubai?   Author: Peter Scully, Hopwood House   
Manchester has been growing increasingly popular as a property investment destination in recent years, as investors both within the UK and overseas have sought the advantages of the British property market without the high prices and mediocre yields of old favorite London.

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