Mezzanine Finance in Real Estate   Author: , Realty Shares   
Most people are familiar with the debt and equity portions of real estate finance. There is often another tier in the capital stack, however – “mezzanine” financing.
4 Things to Know About REITs   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
If you’ve paid attention to the real estate market, you know that REITs, or real estate investment trusts, have been a fairly lucrative venture over the last few years.
Painful Real Estate Investing Mistakes    Author: Adam Taylor   
Here are some tips to keep in mind when you begin investing in real estate:
Will TRID Create New Mortgage Lender Liabilities?    Author: Peter Miller,   
For mortgage lenders the latest worry on the regulatory front is something called TRID, a new set of guidelines that are about to change the mortgage industry – and with change create new opportunities for some lenders and dangers for others.
Avoid These 2 Real Estate Investing Train Wrecks   Author: John Majalca    
Many promising real estate investing careers start with great promise and intentions, and end in disaster.
The Key to Successful Income Properties: Keep Your Tenants Happy   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
If you plan to invest in rental properties, there are several necessary steps you must take in order for it to be successful.
Betting on Las Vegas Real Estate   Author: John Stevenson   
Vegas is one of the healthiest and most promising real estate markets in the nation.
The Attractions of Self-Storage Facilities   Author: , Realty Shares   
The self-storage market is a relatively new sector that has taken advantage of a growing market of persons needing to store excess household items. Here are some attractions for investors in the sector.
Is Commercial Property A Good Investment Right Now?   Author: Melanie Luff,   
The US economy as a whole is looking healthy, with economic growth at a steady pace, unemployment down to its pre-recession levels and consumer confidence on the rise.
How We Made Over $4 Million On One Mobile Home Park Deal   Author:    
We set a new world record for ourselves with the sale of our mobile home park in Iowa – we netted over $4 million in profit in less than three years of owning it. So how did we do it?

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