The Rise in New Home Median Price is Over.   Author:    
When it comes to investing, is there a difference between new homes and existing homes? Which will perform better over time?
Distressed Single Family Homes: A Good Buy?   Author:    
Fix and flip investors looking for new acquisitions may want to consider the substantial volume of residential foreclosures and short sales currently on the market.
US Property: A Short Tax Guide for Overseas Investors   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
Data from Real Estate Analytics shows that, in the first eight months of last year, almost US$23 billion flowed into the US real estate market from non-US buyers.
Homebuilders Optimistic Based On September Sales   Author: Claudia Hirsch   
Demand for new homes was uninspired in many U.S. markets in August, as sales activity and consumer confidence both fell short of expectations, according to builders around the country.
US Real Estate Market Only Projected To Grow 3% Over Next Year   Author: Property Wire   
Some housing markets in the United States are starting to cool but overall home values are expected to rise another 3.1% between now and August 2015.
An Alternative Way To Invest In Real Estate   Author: Brett Immel, Growth Equity Group   
The U.S. housing market is continuing to grow stronger in 2014 – demand is surging, construction activity is rising and foreclosures are falling.
Pressures Against Winning Market Support for Reverse Merger Transactions    Author:    
Taking companies public is an oft misunderstood process. The steps, cost and timing vary widely, depending on the method, process and exchange on which the stock is traded.
The Foreclosure Crisis Is Over, According To RealtyTrac   Author: Property Wire   
The foreclosure crisis is over in the United States but the distress caused by the housing bust is still lingering, according to the latest report from housing data firm RealtyTrac.
Does The Affordable Mortgages Act Of 2014 Reveal The End Of A Trend?   Author:    
The Access to Affordable Mortgages Act of 2014 signaling the end of housing boom.
Consumer Confidence Up, But Home Sales Trending Down   Author: Brian O'Connell   
Consumer confidence rose again last month. But slowing home values could put a dent in that confidence, especially if that slowdown becomes a decline in the final months of 2014.

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