Residential Price Growth in US Sees Eleventh Month of Moderation   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
According to the newest statistics released by Clear Capital, a specialist provider of property data, the US residential property market has seen moderation in price growth for the eleventh month running.
What Should Landlords Look for in a Tenant Background Check?   Author: Michael Klazema   
If you are taking on the landlord role for the first time, you need to understand why the tenant screening process is so complicated and what you should be looking for in the people you interview.
CalPERS, Hedge Funds, and Real Estate Investments   Author:    
The decision in mid-September by CalPERS to exit hedge fund investments could mean that hedge funds may have hit their high-water mark – and could signal that real estate and other more conventional investments may gain increased attention.
Will Housing Become More Affordable?   Author:    
Housing is going to become more affordable than it has been at any time in the last thirty plus years. In order to understand this...
Residential Property Price Growth Slowing   Author: Property Wire   
Residential real estate prices saw moderating price growth for an eleventh month in a row, according to the latest figures from property data provider Clear Capital.
When Do Home Prices Fall?   Author:    
Real estate expert Waqar Meyer explains how and when real estate prices fall.
Foreclosure Inventory Down 33% Year Over Year   Author: Property Wire   
The national foreclosure inventory fell by 33% year on year in August 2014 to approximately 629,000 properties, or 1.6% of all homes with a mortgage, down from 936,000, or 2.4% in August 2013.
Using Reverse Mergers as a Liquidity Tool for Non-Traded REITs    Author:    
Nuances between both traded and non-traded REITs, recent returns in the REIT market, the size of the REIT, the cost of structuring a liquid exit and the shelf-life of the REIT all factor into how shareholders might be inclined to exit a non-traded REIT.
Mortgage Standards Unlikely To Loosen For 3 Years   Author: Dan Freed   
Americans will likely have to wait at least three more years before it becomes any easier to get a mortgage.
Mobile Home Parks: The Ultimate Contrarian Hedge Investment   Author:    
There is one contrarian bet available in real estate – mobile home parks. Mobile home parks are the only form of real estate that actually strengthens when the economy gets worse.

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