6 Wintertime Survival Tips for Private Landlords    Author: Pete Mayer   
According to British Gas, 49% of homeowners in the UK are concerned about their home withstanding the freezing temperatures, heavy rain, and strong winds that accompany the winter months. For private landlords, many of these worries are shared with homeowners, if not amplified by the fact that hey may oversee numerous properties.
The Impact of Regulation A+ on Real Estate Investing    Author:    
Come June 2015 we’re likely to begin seeing the equity crowdfund promoters take to the air with the latest sexy offering.
Negative Equity Still An Issue In Some U.S. Real Estate Markets   Author: Property Wire   
Home prices are rising in the US but the rate of home owners who owe more on their mortgage than their homes are worth is stalled and even worsening in some places for the first time since the recession, according to a new report.
Brazilians Showing Big Interest In Miami Real Estate   Author: Property Wire   
According to the association of Realtors, Miami has the highest concentration of foreign born residents of any major US city and leads the nation in international real estate sales.
Vacation Home Sales In U.S. Up 57% In 2014   Author: Property Wire   
Vacation home sales in the United States soared 57.4% in 2014 to above their most recent peak level in 2006, while investment purchases fell for the fourth straight year, new data shows.
Online Borrowing for Active Real Estate Investors   Author: , Realty Mogul   
Real estate investors who actively renovate single-family residences, or larger investors involved with more sizable commercial properties, are increasingly turning to online lenders – specifically, peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces – for their financing needs.
Is The Future McMansion A Mobile Home?   Author:    
So is the popular home of the future a mobile home? Is it possible that, as a country, we are shifting from wanting McMansions down to smaller abodes?
U.S. Virgin Islands' Real Estate Market Turning Around   Author: Global Property Guide   
The USVI’s property market is expected to continue to recover this year, as more visitors come. However the USVI remains vulnerable to the overall state of the global economy.
The Fall of the Mall – What’s to Become of These Retail Relics?   Author: Melanie Luff   
The opening of the Southdale Center, Minnesota, in 1956 sparked a retail phenomenon that quickly became intrinsic to American culture as we know it. However this previously bustling commercial landscape is starting to look more like something from a post-apocalyptic novel.
Apartments In City Centers Are Hot Investments As Urbanization Trend Continues   Author: Michelle Rama-Poccia, TheStreet   
Taking a holistic approach to investing -- looking at the world through the prisms of history and sociology in addition to crunching the numbers -- is important to uncovering opportunities others might miss.

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