Investor Opportunities Still Abound in Judicial Foreclosure States   Author: , Realty Shares   
In many states featuring a “judicial” foreclosure process, this year has often seen more distressed properties coming to market. How can this be?
Home Builders Ramp Up Construction To Highest Level Since 2007   Author: Global Property Guide   
Groundbreaking and permits to new build new homes have surged steeply in the US, reaching the highest level in the past eight years, according to the U.S. Commerce Department.
In 2015, Mobile Home Park Investments are More Lucrative Than Ever   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
A number of years ago, the idea of investing in mobile home parks rose to prominence. Multiple success stories led real estate investors to
Home Buyers Renting 6 Years On Average Before Buying First Home   Author: Property Wire   
Americans are renting more than twice as long before buying their first home as they did in the 1970s, new research has found.
An Investor’s Guide to New York and New Jersey [Infographic]   Author: Cynthia Badiey,    
Amid the generally positive news about the U.S. housing market, New York and New Jersey are raining on the parade.
Housing Inventory Tight For Buyers, And Rents Continue To Rise   Author: Property Wire   
There were fewer homes for sale in the United States in June than there were a year ago, increasing competition for potential buyers, the latest research shows.
Choosing The Right Property For Opening Up A Bed And Breakfast Is No Small Decision   Author: Shaun Adams,   
The property’s location, its look and feel, and its condition will all have a huge impact on the size of your investment, the amount of work you’re committing to before you turn a profit, and the amount you can expect to receive from guests wishing to stay with you.
Number Of Foreign Property Investors In U.S. Falling   Author: Peter Scully, The Overseas Investor   
Recent statistics show that the number of property sales to international buyers in the United States has decreased drastically in 2015.
Why Mobile Home Park Rents Are About To Go Up Significantly   Author:    
Mobile home park rents stand to have larger increases than any other real estate sector in the U.S. Why is that?
Rental Property Crime Prevention Pointers for Managers and Landlords   Author: Christina Marie Dye   
Running an apartment or rental complex is tough work. You have to think about crime prevention, maintenance, and a multitude of other things. Here’s how to keep your tenants safe and keep their (and your) insurance premiums low.

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