Rental Property Crime Prevention Pointers for Managers and Landlords   Author: Christina Marie Dye   
Running an apartment or rental complex is tough work. You have to think about crime prevention, maintenance, and a multitude of other things. Here’s how to keep your tenants safe and keep their (and your) insurance premiums low.
Understanding Property Market Cycles   Author: , RealtyShares   
Utilizing a model of property market cycles, Foldvary’s prediction – as unrepeatable as it may be – points to the wisdom of paying attention to business cycles and evaluating how they might affect investment decisions.
U.S. Property Prices Reach All Time High   Author: Property Wire   
Rising demand and limited supply has helped push the national median sales price to an all-time high of $236,400.
Equity: Real Estate Values Grow While Debt Falls   Author: Peter Miller   
What's interesting about today's growing equity is that it stems in large measure by the willingness -- and need -- of Americans to hold down mortgage debt.
The Future of Cities: How Crowdfunding Can Tackle Urban Density and Issues of Inequality   Author: Rodrigo Nino   
54 percent of the worlds population lives in cities, and urban density has skyrocketed in recent years. Development needs to keep up, and Crowdfunding might be the answer developers have been looking for.
Sanity Saving Steps to Take Before Investing in Your First Rental Property   Author: Andrew Salas   
Looking to buy your first rental property? Stop. Here are a few things you should do before you start shopping.
Asian Interest In U.S. Commercial Real Estate Is Surging   Author: Roy Abrams, TheStreet   
Driven by the globalization of the commercial real estate asset class, along with much more mobile Asian investment money from high prices and low yields at home, a rising tide of foreign real estate funds is heading for U.S. shores.
Foreclosures Down For 43rd Straight Month   Author: Property Wire   
Foreclosure inventory in the United States has fallen for 43 consecutive months, year on year, down to just 1.3% of homes.
Hassle-Free Investing: The Benefits of Pre-constructed and Newly Built Homes   Author: Rick Storlie   
If you are after a more hassle-free investment strategy, there are a number of potential advantages to investing in brand new or pre-construction homes, including the fact that your property comes with a set of guarantees to cover you in the unlikely event that there is a problem that the builder needs to fix.
Five Ways To Finance One-To-Four Unit Real Estate Investments   Author: Peter G. Miller   
Real estate has always been an important part of the investment market but today the new emphasis is on smaller properties with one-to-four units.

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