The Return of the McMansion: What Investors Need to Know   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
Just a few years ago, everyone was talking about how the McMansion trend – large luxury homes that are ostentatious and over the top –was going out of style.
10 Best Cities to Buy a Home in California    Author: Jenna Cyprus   
If you’re looking to buy your first, second, or even third home in California, you should know the best places to invest.
Tips for Making Your First Property Investment the Right Way   Author: Jake Watts   
The historical trends for property prices in general are very encouraging for anyone considering investing in property but when you are putting in a large sum of money in one go, you definitely want to know that the odds are as much in your favor for making a profit as they can be.
The Top 7 Real Estate Predictions for 2016   Author: Shay Wright   
Considering all the ups and downs experienced in the real estate market over the past decade, many people are questioning what to expect for real estate in 2016.
Commercial Real Estate – Can It Save Investors From Low Returns?   Author: , Realty Shares   
With 2016 not getting off to an auspicious start in most asset classes, many investors may wonder whether we are heading into a new era – one where investment yields across many asset classes are lower than they have been in recent history.
It’s Time To Consider Contrarian Investing As The Stock Market Collapses   Author:    
The Dow has fallen nearly 10% this year already. China’s economy is collapsing, and oil is approaching $25 per barrel. This is a time of financial panic and fear is rampant.
Become a Real Estate Angel   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
If being a real estate angel sounds like a good method of investment for you, where do you begin?
How Do You Fulfil Your New Year’s Resolutions On Investment Income In 2016?   Author:    
Assuming that your goal for 2016 is to maximize the return on your investment dollars, how do you actually put that into practice?
For Budding Investors: Smart Steps for Buying Your First Rental Property   Author: Bill Beazley   
There are numerous examples of investors who have managed to build a successful and profitable property empire over the long term and like all property investors, there is always a first time.
A State Of Disrepair: Detroit’s Forgotten Commercial Properties   Author: Melanie Luff,   
From the grandeur of 1800s design to the bold architecture of the twentieth century, Detroit, Michigan, is renowned for its impressive selection of architecture. But sadly the past 20 years have seen many of these impressive buildings left vacant and awaiting economic revival.

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