Why Mobile Home Parks Are Taking On Apartments – And Winning!   Author: Frank Rolfe   
When most Americans think of multi-family investing, they think only of apartments. But there is another form of multi-family that has a much superior business model, and that’s mobile home parks.
Are We In Another Housing Bubble?   Author: David Glenn   
The 2008 housing crash is something that virtually every investor today is still old enough to remember.
7 KPIs That Successful Property Managers Measure    Author: Jenna Cyprus   
Successful businesses know that measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical for a high-performing organization, no matter what size it is.
Overcoming the challenges with US real estate investing   Author: Simon Calton   
After working in the real estate market for over a decade, I’ve seen my fair share of the good and the bad that can occur when developing or investing in US real estate.
The New Low-Yield Environment   Author: Lawrence Fassler   
The 10-yr treasury bond yield rates seem to predict a weak economy for years.
Why Real Estate Remains The Top Investment Option   Author: Peter Miller   
Real estate remains the leading long-term investment choice for the third year in a row according to a new Gallup survey.
Real Estate Investment: The Best Financial Solution For Retirement?    Author: Jenna Cyprus   
One way that more people can ensure a secure retirement is by investing in real estate while they’re young.
Brexit and Your Real Estate - What You Need to Know   Author: David Glenn   
The United Kingdom's recent decision to leave the EU, popularly termed "Brexit", sent shockwaves around the political world, and had extreme implications for global finances.
Will Brexit Create A US Real Estate Dividend?    Author: Peter Miller   
The June 23rd decision by the Brits to leave the European Union has driven US mortgage rates into the ground, but can such results continue?
Why Does A Guy Worth $800 Million Own A Mobile Home Park?   Author: Frank Rolfe   
So why would someone with so much money want to own a mobile home park?

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