Bad News For Tiny Homes Is Good News For Mobile Home Parks   Author: Frank Rolfe   
The recent announcement that “tiny homes” may receive much greater scrutiny by the U.S. government is good news for the mobile home park industry.
Property Investing Reality Check: Tips to Ensure Your First Flip Is Not Your Final Flop   Author: Darran Smith   
If you're really interested in flipping a property, here are some tips to help ensure that everything is a success.
3 Ways that Big Data is Transforming the Real Estate Industry   Author: David Glenn   
Big data. The term is thrown around constantly in business conversations, though many people barely understanding what the term really means.
Crowdfunding and Commercial Real Estate – Just a Fad?   Author: Melanie Luff   
Crowdfunding, where a project or venture is financed from a large number of modest individual donations, was once used mostly to help artists, designers, musicians and inventors make their dreams a reality.
Why Mobile Home Parks Do Well During Periods Of Inflation   Author: Frank Rolfe   
While the very mention of inflation can be a very alarming for many investment niches, it is not a great concern to mobile home park investors.
Investors Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Alternative Architecture   Author: Cher Zevala   
With the housing market coming back to life, cities around the world are seeing a resurgence of construction.
Rethinking Higher Mortgage Rates   Author: Peter Miller,   
When the Fed increased bank rates at the end of 2015 the natural assumption was that mortgage costs would also rise but so far such predictions have been a bust.
How Soaring Home Prices Hide Real Estate Bargains   Author: Peter Miller   
According to the National Association of Realtors, January home prices were up for the 47th month in a row. The Federal Reserve says that homeowner equity has increased by nearly $6 trillion since 2011.
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing In Real Estate   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
Getting into the real estate game can be a great way to produce long-term returns for your money, but should be avoided by anyone looking to “get rich quick.”
The Power Of Bonding With The Seller   Author:    
Of all the negotiation skills that you can learn in buying real estate, none is stronger then “bonding” – and none is easier to learn and master.

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