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Equity Crowdfund Investing: Weighing the Cost/Benefit of Individuals vs. Institutions    Author: Nate Nead   
The promise of equity crowdfunding is greater, faster and cheaper access to capital.
8 Website Development Tips for Real Estate Agents   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
Studying the market, making great investments, and reaping the profits might come easy to you, but the marketing aspect can be a little more complicated.
Preparing To Sell Your Business? Consider 4 Key Questions From A Buyer’s Perspective   Author: Nate Nead   
Here are just 4 quick questions a buyer will ask that can help you gain valuable insights on how to present your company to maximize gain.
5 Tips for Forging Healthy Investment Partnerships   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
For all of the benefits that come with investment partnerships, there’s also some additional work and effort that must be put forth.
Is a Franchise a Profitable Investment? 5 Keys to Getting Your Money’s Worth   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
Considering the time investment, capital investment, and potential performance of the average franchise, can it be considered a reliably profitable investment?
What Serious Buyers Look for in a Business Acquisition    Author: Nate Nead   
Understanding what a typical buyer is looking for in an acquisition can give a business seller a leg-up when it comes to preparing the business for sale.
Is e-commerce Killing Main Street?   Author: Melanie Luff   
Online sales continue to grow as a proportion of total retail sales, but omni-channel retailing is driving a modest bricks-and-mortar revival.
How to Improve Margins by Cutting Costs At Your Portfolio Companies   Author: Anthony Clervi   
When private equity firms work to boost profits at portfolio companies, they often focus on growing revenue. But particularly when working with legacy companies, controlling operational expenses is an equally essential — if less glamorous — way to increase portfolio companies’ profit margins.
Looking to Invest in Biotech? Consider These 6 Things   Author: Kevin Xu    
Investing in a startup is risky. It’s often difficult to pick a “winner.” Even after you’ve done all your research and due diligence on the state of the market, competition, and the business itself, you can never be too sure about your return.
Small Businesses Shouldn’t be the Last to Adapt   Author: Jenna Cyprus   
While big businesses and organizations are fully leveraging these changes in technology, it’s frustrating to sit back and watch how many small businesses shy away from evolution.

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