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Whole Life vs Term: A Controversial New Case Study - Part II   Author: David Lewis   
In part 2 of the series, financial planning & insurance expert David Lewis runs the numbers and analyzes the true cost difference between whole life insurance & buying term and invest the difference.
Term vs Whole Life Insurance: The Essential Guide To Picking The Best Life Insurance Policy    Author: David Lewis   
An in-depth, and extremely detailed, comparison of term versus whole life insurance.
Estate Planning is for Everyone   Author: Al Sefati, Guest Writer   
Are you concerned about what will happen to your investments, your cars, your house, and your money when you pass away?
Inflation: The Hidden Tax on Your Nest Egg   Author: Jeremy Ames   
Taking inflation into account in calculating retirement funds.
Investing In Cash Value Life Insurance: The Basics   Author:    
A detailed look at the benefits and growth that come with a high cash value life insurance policy.
The 3 Types of People Most In Need of Life Insurance   Author: Phil Glenewinkel, Active Brokers   
Death isn’t a topic that many people like talking about, but if you’re financially responsible for others, it’s your responsibility and obligation to discuss it with the people in your care.
Life Insurance Investment Policies   Author:    
You can't separate life insurance from investing. Not really. Life insurance policies require an investment component to function. The only choice you can make is whether you want to participate in the insurer's profits or not.
Should You Really Buy Gold Bullion?   Author:    
Do you need to stockpile gold bullion in preparation for a complete financial collapse? Maybe, but probably not. What you do need is an intelligent approach to money management going forward.
Hurricane Sandy Displaces Renters   Author: Aaron Kase,   
The news has broadly covered the woes of homeowners and investors in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but thousands of renters are also struggling in their own ways. Thousands of renters are still displaced as a result of the storm and experts suspect many remain unaware of their rights as tenants. Rules differ according to region, but generally speaking renters do not have to pay rent for the period they are displaced, and if it was only for a few days those missing days can be prorated. Further, if landlords refuse to promptly repair damage, tenants can often make necessary repairs themselves and deduct the cost from their rent. For more on this continue reading the following article from JDSupra.
Sandy’s Aftermath Awaits   Author: David Bodamer   
Meteorologists and property analysts seem to agree that Hurricane Sandy was the worst thing to happen to the Eastern seaboard since development and population started peaking. New York’s infrastructure, some of which is very old and in need of repairs, has been badly damaged and power has been slow to return to many outlying areas. In New Jersey, casinos have been ravaged. Meanwhile, investors and economists are still trying to sort out the aftermath when it comes to real estate investment trusts (REITs) and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). REITs will have to consult their insurers while many CMBS issuances have been delayed. For more on this continue reading the following article from National Real Estate Investor.