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While every hospitality professional retains a wealth of knowledge about his/her area (restaurants to visit, sights to see, tours to avoid…etc), only the best know how to package that information in a way that perpetually drives more bookings.

Their weapon of choice? The Insider’s Guide.

Insider’s Guides are really no more than travel advice consolidated nicely in the form of a PDF document. Owners and managers use these documents as incentive to generate sign-ups for their newsletters, as proof in conveying regional know-how, and as reasons for travelers to choose them over nearby competition.
The industry's top professionals know that insider destination information adds tremendous value to a vacation, and by sharing their wealth of area tips, they simply generate more bookings. Here are some examples of successful guides being used today:
  • Secret places to catch the most fish
  • The area’s most magical sunsets
  • Where locals go to get the freshest shellfish
  • Recipes with local produce
  • Our city’s most overrated tourist traps
  • Cheapest and most reliable transportation services
  • 6 Things You Can’t Leave Without Eating/Drinking
  • 12 of the best happy hours in town
  • The most unusual restaurants in town you never knew you craved
  • Hawaii's 8 Top Secret Beaches
  • The most knowledgable tour guides in town
  • 6 insider's hikes for hiking enthusiasts
  • The neighborhood's TOP underground bars
Insider’s Guides are really as simple as sitting down for a few hours and translating your advice into compelling literature. By restricting your guide's exposure, your information retains exclusivity and thus effectiveness. And by dangling this prized information like a carrot in front of prospective guests, you're able to educate travelers and promote your property at the very same time. 
Investing in an Insider's Guide costs roughly the time and cash of one night's booking: considering its ability to generate residual press for your property, the investment is often recouped in only hours or days.
If you’re not feeling inspired however, owners and managers can CommissionYour Own Insider’s Guide from a professional travel copywriter. This service, normally prohibitively expensive, is available to owners now on VRLeap.com.

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