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The motto of New Zealand's tourism board is "100% PURE." New Zealand's incredible scenery can be witnessed in recent movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Chronicles of Narnia series. New Zealand is a 'safe' destination with an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, including: hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, white water rafting, hiking, snow skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, bungy jumping, diving, sailing and boating. New Zealand is a modern country with a laid back lifestyle.

New Zealand prides itself on its clean, green image. It is nuclear free, and a leader in climate change.

Recently New Zealand's real estate market has experienced a drastic drop in real estate prices. The country offers many investment opportunities ranging from agriculture, cattle ranches/breeding, forestry, commerical and residential. A new investment offering that is growing in New Zealand is the selling of carbon credits, typically in conjunction with a forestry investment.