Belize Real Estate Directory and Belize Real Estate Magazine to be Published by 3V Media & IREAB

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Media Publisher 3V Media Group and International Advisory Board, IREAB to Launch Belize Real Estate Directory & Magazine


Belize will receive a globally distributed Real Estate Magazine and Real Estate Directory in 2009 co-published by the best niche real estate publishing firm and the top international real estate advisory board in the world.

Belize is a small country on the rise with great interest from the International Real Estate community.  IREAB.Org, International Real Estate Advisory Board, has named Belize one of the top International Real Estate Markets to invest towards the next decade.


A joint venture between 3V Media Group and IREAB.Org will publish Belize’s first Real Estate Directory that will have global distribution and sold exclusively through IREAB.Org.


IREAB.Org’s VP of Development, Moe Montana, was recently interviewed at an IREAB event in Miami where he stated: “Belize is going to be one of the most exclusive places to own property over the next decade and we are elated to co-publish a Real Estate Directory for Belize and provide global distribution of the directory via our web site,


“IREAB.Org in association with 3V Media Group will also publish and offer global distribution of a Belize Real Estate Magazine. Best of all advertisers can actually advertise in these products for free using full page color ad copies because the Belize Real Estate Directory and Belize Real Estate Magazine have been integrated with the program, a revolutionary program offering free print advertising to International Real Estate Developers, International Real Estate Brokers, and International Real Estate Agents.”


3V Media Group has acquired many international real estate magazines such as International Real Estate Investments Magazine and will assist IREAB to co-publish the 2009 Belize Real Estate Directory and Belize Real Estate Magazine.



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Belize Real Estate Developers, Brokers & Agents can advertise full 1 and 2 page color ads for 12 months for FREE.  Information at:





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