Costa Rica Eco-Residential Hotel Condo Pre Construction Tres Sesenta

              Tres Sesenta, a Costa Rica, Eco-Residential, Art Deco, Hotel Condo Development Nominated as:  Nominated as "Best International Real Estate Investment of …

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Tres Sesenta, a Costa Rica, Eco-Residential, Art Deco, Hotel Condo Development Nominated as:

  •  Nominated as "Best International Real Estate Investment of 2009" by International Real Estate Investments Magazine



"Tambor Bay, Costa Rica Does a 360" by Kay Yabandith

Tres Sesenta, an Eco-Residential, Art Deco, Condo Hotel located in Tambor Bay, Costa Rica has begun its Pre-Sales Phase!

The development’s epicenter focuses upon:

  • Exclusivity
    • Total Inventory = Only 64 Units + 4 Penthouses.
  • Privacy
    • A Private, Gated Community in Tambor Bay, C.R.
  • Feng-Shui Architectural Design
  • European Art Deco Interior Design
  • Eco-Residential Living

Tres Sesenta offers an amalgamation of amenities that will include:

  • Management Company – – – -"Bamboo@180"
  • Concierge & VIP Service – – -"More@180"
  • Information Center – – – – – -"Voyage@180"
  • Haute Cuisine Restaurant – – "Zest@135"
  • Wet & Dry Bar – – – – – – – – "Cinnabar@90"
  • Health Club – – – – – – – – – -"Vitality@45"
  • Spa – – – – – – – – – – – – – -"Enliven@45"

Kay Yabandith, Editor of International Real Estate Investments Magazine, recently attended a Miami event where Tres Sesenta was featured to Real Estate Investors and Miami’s A List.

Kay explained in an interview:

"Pre-Sales is a phase for Investors to buy low with intent to sell for a profitable return."

"Needless to say, Tres Sesenta is located in a booming real estate market, Costa Rica, and is backed by a world renown development company, KC Developments.  With only 64 units within their inventory I would not be surprised if they pre-sold half their inventory in less than a year to 1 year."

"International Real Estate Investments Magazine has, in fact, nominated Tres Sesenta as one of the Best International Real Estate Investments for 2009.  Mostly because we estimated price points to be higher than the actual price Tres Sesenta is offering for pre-sales.  In essence, we believe the development is a Best-Buy for the value and quality the residential market will receive as they invest into Tres Sesenta either in Pre-Sales, or for a 2nd Home, Vacation Home or for Retirement."

"The development offers lock-out units for nearly all of their inventory which makes diversifies the development into a Condo-Hotel Development, which is even better for an Investor as they can leverage cash flow from Tres Sesenta’s Hotel Management Services."

Real Estate Investors may download the following Investor Booklet, published by IREAB, the International Real Estate Advisory Board.  Costa Rica has 0.00% Capital Gains Taxes and only a .25% fixed property tax.

IREAB organizes and offers private and group investor excursions to Latin America.  Please review the Investor Booklet for details.

To talk to someone about Investing or Buying a Unit, please contact:

  • 866-805-6708 Ref #281

The opinions of any person, professional or non-professional are not to be regarded as factual as they are an opinion.  Investors and Home Buyers should always make plans to perform due diligence and thoroughly research and visit any development the Investor or Home Buyer has interest and intent to invest or buy international real estate.

  Download Investor Kit
  from 2008 Miami, FL Event

  Kay Yabandith

  Kay Yabandith is the Editor-In-Chief for  
  International Real Estate Investments 
  Magazine |


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