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Panama's Pacific and Caribbean coastlines are equally desirable places to purchase real estate in Panama. The sweet breeze in the shore and the relaxing site of the beach are the great reasons for buying a beachfront property in Panama. Made popular by retirees and vacationers, Panama provides an excellent break from the city life. If you are one who is considering such investment of beachfront properties, then the Panama beach real estate market should be high up on your list.

Panama beach real estate is much more affordable than averages prices in competing markets such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Belize, but as demands rise for Panama beach real estate, developers are starting to construct properties near beaches and tapping the undeveloped areas. There are still plenty of opportunities for investing in Panama real estate and its beaches, but one must choose between beaches on the Pacific coast or in the Caribbean coast. Here are some pros and cons for both:

  • Most real estate agencies and other visitors start looking into Panama beach real estate in the Pacific Coast. This is mostly because the beaches here are exquisite and stunning and have the most developed surrounding infrastructure.
  • People can do lots of beach activities here like surfing, snorkeling, sun bathing, and swimming. The real estate in this part of Panama’s coastline is only a few hours’ travel from the city.
  • Condominiums located on the beach usually start at $100,000, although there are more options for you to buy more luxurious properties near or on the beach.
  • The side in the Caribbean is also equally stunning and relaxing. The Caribbean coast has a much different feel and energy to it, and is taking off explosively due to its more tropical flavor that many purchasers are accustomed to.
  • The Caribbean is also home to popular tourist destinations in Panama such as Boca Del Toro and the San Blas Islands.

Whether you are into the Pacific or Caribbean side, you need to be sure of your property purchase by looking for the right real estate agent who will tour and guide you in the best places for property investment. Your agent should be well-versed in property acquisition laws in Panama to help you get the Panama beach real estate that you want.

Panama is a perfect place to purchase property near the beach for investment or personal use. There are plenty of options for buying beachfront property since Panama has a long range of coastlines with different characteristics and forms. Some beaches are undeveloped with little population, while others have significant development that is further along. Choosing which environment you would rather buy on will require some research, a visit or two, and a good real estate team, so choose wisely.