Dean Springer

Director of Sales, World Container Inc.

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Opportunity Published:  10/03/2012
Did You Know You Can Own High Yield Rail Containers   

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Intermodal Containers And Non Recourse Financing Make Growing Your Account EZ   

Opportunity Published:  05/16/2012
Intermodal Container Investments Offer 15% ROI    

Opportunity Published:  04/26/2012
Intermodal Container Investment Offers Special 15% ROI    

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100K Investment Yields Better Than Real Estate   

Opportunity Published:  04/14/2012
Intermodal Containers Offer Private Parties Passive High Yields   

Opportunity Published:  04/07/2012
Intermodal Container Investment Offers High Yields   

Opportunity Published:  04/04/2012
Tired Of Tenants And Trust Deeds?   

Opportunity Published:  04/02/2012
Intermodal Container Investments Offer High Yields