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Guidant Financial Group is the industry leader in self-directed IRAs and small business financing. Guidant Financial helps investors use their retirement funds to finance the purchase of alternative investments such as: real estate, tax liens, franchises, gold and more. Guidant Financial is the only INC 500 company in this small industry, so you know when you work with Guidant Financial Group, you are working with the best.

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Opportunity Published:  07/17/2012
Self Directed Roth IRA   
A self directed roth IRA can be an extremely powerful retirement planning tool. Roth IRAs allow you to accumulate investment returns tax free inside your IRA, and self directed IRAs allow you to take control over your investments by opening up alternative investment options outside of the stock market. When you combine the two structures, you get something really special - the self directed Roth IRA.
Opportunity Published:  11/21/2011
Setting Up A Self Directed IRA   
Setting up a self directed IRA account doesn't have to be difficult. In fact with the help of Guidant Financial, setting up your new self directed IRA is a breeze.
Opportunity Published:  11/09/2011
401k Small Business Financing   
Utilizing a 401k small business financing vehicle, like Guidant's iFinance, lets you invest your existing IRA or 401k funds into a business or franchise of your own.
Opportunity Published:  12/07/2009
Buy Real Estate With IRA Funds    
Did you know that you can legally buy real estate with IRA funds?
Opportunity Published:  06/25/2009
Guidant Financial Group: Self-Directed Retirement Investing   
Guidant Financial Group is the industry leader for self-directed IRAs and innovative small business financing.
Opportunity Published:  12/27/2008
Equipment Leasing: Free Up Capital For Your Small Businesses   

Opportunity Published:  10/16/2008
Free Webinar Concerning Investing In Uncertain Times   
The only company in its industry named to the 2008, Inc. 500 list, Guidant Financial Group is the recognized leader in self-directed IRAs.
Opportunity Published:  10/08/2008
Get Cash up to 13% of the Value of Your Home with Debt-Free Home Equityâ„¢   

Opportunity Published:  09/25/2008
Get Cash for Your Small Business- Unsecured Credit Line   

Opportunity Published:  08/14/2008
FREE Self Directed IRA Account To Invest In Orlando