Perry Despeignes

partner, Serenity of Nicaragua
Peronet Despeignes is a global real estate analyst; a managing partner in Serenity, a full-service real estate, relocation and investment consultancy; a marketing partner for Las Quintas Oceanside Residence and a contributor to the Global Property Guide. He is also the author of the new "Christopher Howard's Living and Investing in Nicaragua" (2008 edition). He previously worked as an economics correspondent to Fortune Magazine, USA Today and The Financial Times and as an international real estate analyst for Agora Financial. He has a bachelors in economics from Harvard University.

Published Content:

"How to" Published:  08/28/2008
How To Choose A New Residential Development In A Foreign Country   
How do you figure out whether a new development will really develop as planned.
Opportunity Published:  08/18/2008
Potential Bed & Breakfast on 19 acres in Nicaragua's "Land of Eternal Spring"   

Opportunity Published:  08/18/2008
Nicaragua's Best Boutique Coffee Farm in The Land of Eternal Spring: commercial/residential/tourism   

Opportunity Published:  08/15/2008
Pristine Caribbean Beachfront: 5.5 acres of picture-perfect white-sand, clear, blue-torquoise waters   

"How to" Published:  07/24/2008
How to Evaluate and Manage Risk in Nicaragua's Political Environment   
How to navigate Nicaragua's current political storm...and be positioned to profit