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Opportunity Published:  03/23/2014
Supplement Your Retirement with a Reverse Mortgage   
If you are over age 62, you can use your home equity in something called a reverse mortgage, which you can put toward your home expenses, or use to supplement your retirement income.
"How to" Published:  02/07/2014
How To Improve The Value Of Your Property With Steel Cladding   
When looking to add value to their domestic property, many people look to cladding as a way of improving the desirability and offering an additional wow factor.
"How to" Published:  02/04/2014
How Businesses Can Help Charities Do Good   
Businesses are not solely good for their owners. A healthy, stable business provides jobs for its employees, tax revenue for the government, and often valuable, important products and services to their customers – whether businesses or individual consumers.
"How to" Published:  01/09/2014
How To Help Seniors Find That Perfect Home   
Nearly every group has its own purchasing opportunities -- except, in many cases, the oldest group of Americans, the post-retirees in their 70s and 80s.
"How to" Published:  01/07/2014
How To Understand Modern Portfolio Theory: Tips From Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau   
As an established financial advisor and CEO for investment funds at PGC, Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau understands the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory and applies these guidelines to his investment activities on behalf of clients in France, throughout Europe and from around the world.
"How to" Published:  12/14/2013
How To Perform Commercial Property Inspections: Follow The Cockroaches   
Let’s face it: roaches are gross. Which is precisely the reason why we’re using them to illustrate the importance of getting a yearly inspection performed. There are far too many technical aspects for one simple list, but the major things to look out for are easy to check.
Opportunity Published:  12/14/2013
Los Altos Development Land Auction   
2100 Woods Ln (backs to I-280) is one of the last tracks of open land in Los Altos. Could redevelop for a single estate or a small, private enclave of single-family residences.
"How to" Published:  12/10/2013
How To Take Advantage Of Positive Signs In U.S. Real Estate Mutual Funds    
The last quarter in the U.S. property market has been marked by increased demand for office, retail and related commercial real estate. This development is based on the indicators of economy, employment rate, occupancy, and rental rates. And the trend is expected to continue in 2014.
"How to" Published:  12/07/2013
How Technology Has Transformed Business   
Sometimes, we take technology for granted. For example, it was only a few years ago that smartphones hit the market, but now they seem positively mundane. While we are walking down the street, we can email, play games and browse the web. Looking a little further back, it was only 25 years ago that hard drive storage broke through the $1 per megabyte barrier, and yet we can spend $100 and get a terabyte drive today. That amount of storage would have cost a staggering $1 million back in the late 1980s.
"How to" Published:  12/06/2013
How To Digitize Documents For Your Business   
Over the last 20 years, there has been a radical transformation in the way that businesses manage their information. The vast majority of correspondence is done by email, databases are used to hold customer records, and web-based software services are allowing companies to automate many of their key business functions.
"How to" Published:  11/05/2013
How To Obtain A Mortgage As A UK Expat Living Abroad   
Anyone who’s ever attempted to purchase a property knows that they’re likely to face stiff competition from others. However, what they might not know is that this competition isn’t solely limited to people living in the UK. Many of these may be in the form of expats who reside outside of the country.
"How to" Published:  10/24/2013
How To Start A Small Business In Kansas   
In 2012, over 15,000 new businesses opened their doors in Kansas – 1,500 more than in 2011.
Opportunity Published:  10/19/2013
Proofreading your resume for career-boosting dividends   
Proofreading your CV/resume is key to making purposeful applications for job openings. However, according to many HR and recruitment professionals, many job seekers are failing to do so.
Opportunity Published:  10/04/2013
Maximize Your Return On CDs   
For investors looking for a secure place to put their money, a certificate of deposit (CD) is a perfect vehicle. CDs issued by US financial institutions are generally guaranteed up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), so they really are a risk-free investment.
Opportunity Published:  09/30/2013
Make Big Money From Student Accommodation   
Make no mistake: there is big money to be made in student accommodation. Many amateur investors on the property market view buy-to-let investments simply as a means to a small return on the residential property market.
"How to" Published:  09/21/2013
How To Reduce Risks Associated With Internet Trading   
Trading used to be the realm of established financial brokers. Today the internet has made it possible for anyone to deal with their own investment portfolios. Several online trading services have been established in recent times dealing in Forex, mutual funds, ETFs stocks, options, bonds and CDs.
Opportunity Published:  09/20/2013
Is there Such Thing as a Safe Investment?    

Opportunity Published:  09/20/2013
University Students Clueless About the ‘Financial Facts of Life’   
One of Britain’s top stock brokers, Justin Urquhart Stewart, hypothetically went back to university recently to raise three key points of financial advice he believes would have helped him to prevent the ‘stupidity’ that left him with years of crippling debt.
"How to" Published:  09/17/2013
How To Flip Houses Post Crash   
“House flipping” is where a person buys a home (often at a low cost) and then immediately re-sells it for a profit. Typically these houses have a “six months or less” turnaround time.
Opportunity Published:  09/16/2013
The Benefits Of Trading Binary Options    
Binary options are a type of derivative. When you invest in a derivative, you are investing in a financial instrument that derives its value from an underlying asset.