Michigan Land For Sale: A Great Investment

With the stock market in a tumble from adverse effects from the plundering Chinese economy, it makes you wonder what a sound investment would be. Unfortunately, there is …

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With the stock market in a tumble from adverse effects from the plundering Chinese economy, it makes you wonder what a sound investment would be. Unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent guaranteed investment out there that can return you your initial investment and then some. However, there are smart investments the could provide ample income and return on your investment.

One of those investments is the land in Michigan. If you’re not from the area, you might be scratching your head. Do you really want to invest in the state that saw the collapse of the once powerful Motor City along with the financial fall of Flint? While newsworthy, those two cities are actually a minority in what is actually a pretty successful state. Real estate in one of those two cities would be cheap, but the real investment lies outside of the cities in the rural backdrop of Michigan.


One of the reasons Michigan land for sale is a great investment is due to its potential for farming. Even if becoming a farmer does not sound like your cup of tea, continue reading. You don’t necessarily have to be the farmer. You can simply be the land owner.

There is a resurgence of farming in the United States in terms of the small, local farmer. There will always be the large corporate owned farms, but as consumer become more informed and curious about their source of food, more and more turn to local farmers. This local-focused trend makes farming a viable investment again. Even if the large, corporate farms can undercut your prices, you still have a shot at winning over the consumer because your product is hitting their tables much earlier in the food distribution process.

This competitive advantage can allow you to keep higher prices and thus profitable margins. Even large retail grocery distributors have built this into their strategy. For example, Whole Foods makes a conscious effort to source produce and meats from local suppliers before they expand to other markets. Farmer’s Markets are also spreading from town to town as consumers learn more about the food they are buying and the people who are growing or raising it.


The land in Michigan is also home to some of the most popular game in the United States. White tail deers roam the Michigan landscape in droves offering hunters plenty of opportunities to score their prize buck. Investing in land can provide you with a hunting oasis that you can use rather than scouring the public hunting lands. In the meantime, this land will almost certainly appreciate in value, providing you with a long-term return on investment.


Timber is becoming a popular source of discussion when it comes to investments. Timber prices are on the rise which makes any timberland valuable. Michigan land is full of timberland that can be a great source of an investment. One of the caveats of this investment is that it can be volatile so this is definitely not for the faint of heart. Timber is directly correlated to things like the housing industry where its demand determines how much timber is needed. And as we all know, housing is not the most stable of industries. However, we also know that housing can be one of the most lucrative industries if you invest correctly.


Another reason to invest in Michigan is because of commercialization. As cities and towns sprawl further and further out, more commercialization is imminent. Purchasing land near or in an expanding town is a great way to either develop commercial property or sell the land to highest bidding developer. These developers will most likely pay top dollar if they know a plot of land can turn into a property develop or some form of commercial center.

Michigan Economy

Finally, the economy of Michigan is another reason to invest in its land. Overall the economy is on an upswing. After a period of economic loss straight out of a nightmare, Michigan is pulling through and doing so quite strongly.

Downtown Detroit is priced at a bare minimum bringing in bargain hunters that will want to rejuvenate the city with a livelihood it hasn’t seen in decades. While the focus will start in the central business district, you can expect that development to expand to outer areas of the city in the future.

Why else should the Michigan economy appeal to the investor in you? Tourism. You have probably seen at least one “Pure Michigan” tourism commercial. They do make Michigan look very appealing. Truth be told, it is. Beer advocates are well aware of the incredible craft beer scene that Michigan is brewing up. These microbreweries are popping up all over the state and gaining national popularity. Cities like Grand Rapids make perfect weekend getaways for visitors. The outdoors scene attracts all sorts of people from fishers, hunters, bikers, boaters, kayakers, and more.

So if you’re looking for an investment opportunity outside of the norm, just check out some of the land investments opportunities available in Michigan. They should at least peak your interest.

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