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If you're in real estate, you know the importance of apps. They prevent you from working like a dog, let you do more business so you don't have to wait around for the ink to dry, and keep your clients/accounts from getting the short end of the stick. Some are like your own personal management team.

There are a host of app development companies out there to take you through the process of apps - but you're a go-getter. You like doing things yourself. Even so, you can bet your bottom dollar a lot of those companies designed more than their lion's share of real estate apps.

To keep down the time and energy you expend with each client or account, a few apps that could be right at your fingertips to get more done in a day, ensuring maximum profits in minimum time, are...

1. Zillo

Zillo is a data-gathering powerhouse, and an app that lets any end user use that data. This means that both you and your client(s) can find and view the same data - in real time! No more relying on forms or constant emails or IMs.

Zillo does, however, work by spreadsheet. But! It lets you download data by metro area or city. Some of the data it lets you gander through are housing indices, sold prices of real estate AND the price of - per square feet!  

2. Vert

Vert blends in with iPhones, iPads, and Ipod Touches. But what it actually does, aside from winning "Best iPhone Apps of 2014" and "Top 5 Best iOS Apps" awards, as well as being featured on Forbes...

...is that it's a measurement converter. Big whoop, right? Hold on now. Far from being your standard currency converter... or converting inch/cm, mL to L and kM/miles, etc.

Vert actually handles fahion sizes, volume, weight and mass, pressur, power, data transfer speed, acceleration, currency (over 164; it also automatically detects the currency of what region you're in - thinking of traveling abroad?), and a whole HEAP of more!

It also converts offline and doesn't rely on the cloud. Win.

3. Roomscan Pro

THIS app is a monster - the proof is in the pudding! Here's how: just by touching your phone (with the loaded app) against a wall... any wall... you get a list of floor plans.

If that doesn't spell out "time and energy saver," I don't know what will. Roomscan Pro even measures out room dimensions right on your phone, saving up your time and energy to do business as usual.

Bonus: Rooms are even connected together! AND, you can add doors to the plans just by touching the doorframes with your phone.

4. HomeKeeper

Short version: HomeKeeper's a housing program administrator app for home owners.

Long version: HomeKeeper shows you grant and loan tracking, real estate info tracking, evaluation reporting...and more. It even keeps detail of transactions and workflow management. Even the formula of resale prices.

An advantage of HomeKeeper is its customization. (Yes!) Add custom fields, reports and dashboards, even add new functionalities.

The feature of providing real time updates should go without saying... but we're going to say it anyway: HomeKeeper provides real time updates on every single data you capture.

Think of a filing cabinet for the data of your programs, homebuyers, and properties. That's sweet if you manage a handful of accounts a week.

5. Homes.com Mortgage Calculator

Let Homes.com do the math for you as you figure out your options. The calculators don't just handle the figures; they include explanations of financial and real estate terms to help give you a firm handle on the situation.

Home.com hosts a Mortgage Calculator - an on-the-go calculator that does all the mathwork and analyzations for you! Isn't that nifty. Even niftier is it helps you with market areas, states, monthly mortgage payments, interest and down payments, and of course sales prices.

Along with the Mortgage Calculator, Homes.com also has other calculators...

Like letting you figure out how much money you can afford to borrow (or put down). Then you can figure out your monthly debt, your down payments, interest rates, and so on.

Other calculators let you decide between renting or buying, and which one would be right for you. It even calculates monthly rents, mortgage rates, home prices, years invested before selling, inflation and tax brackets and so on.

Plus, in addition to the Mortgage Calculator, Homes.com even has a Second Mortgage Calculator - letting you see how much you can afford, and see whether or not you have any costs you can offset.

Which Will You Go With?

No matter which app you choose, what you’ve just seen are 5 apps designed for real estate professionals. Grab yours today and get more done.

Image Credits Alexas_Fotos, CC0 1.0

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