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It may seem that one is helpless in an identity theft situation, but there is always scope to pick yourself up and become alert. That’s the only way you can minimize any damage and get to resolve the situation faster. Thieves go on the back foot when they notice or find out that the victim is aggressive and is covering all his bases. Identity Guard coverage review would show they can certainly solve your problem.

While you can manage most damage control measures on your own, it is advisable to take an expert help just to make sure you aren’t missing any important necessary steps. Identity Guard offers theft protection services which the users and customers seem to be have benefitted from.

Let us take a look at the 8 remedial steps any victim has at his disposal to minimize damage control arising from an identity theft.

8. Lock the affected account

You may get to know of your identity theft on your own or when any of your banks or financial institutions get in touch with you. In both these situations, the first thing to do is to ask your bank to close or freeze the account. Inform them or acknowledge that your identity has been stolen. Banks are aware of such situations and will cooperate with you. Use this first interaction to also understand process to waive of any charges arising out of fraudulent use of information.

7. Subscribe to a reputed credit tracking service

Check if your bank or financial institution offers you this service. Even if they don’t, subscribe to one of these credit checking service providers. The most popular ones in the US are Experian, TransUnion and EquiFAax. Once you sign up for their services, they will be able to track transactions, request for changes and application for new accounts related to the information that is stolen from you. This step is essential to limit damages that can be caused by fraudulent transactions.

6. Review credit reports

Carefully review all credit reports that you receive and be on top of any suspicious transactions being made in your account. If you find any, report that to the banks, financial institutions and credit tracking firms. Credit reports from different agencies are compiled in different forms, a careful review will ensure that aberrations or consistencies in transactions you see in one report is also reported in the rest of them.

5. File a report at the Police Station

File a complaint at a police station after being sure of the jurisdiction the theft case will fall in.  In identity theft situations, the Police department is seldom in a position to investigate if data theft or breach has happened online. However, a police complaint ensures that you cave ticked all the important boxes, legally, as you move forward in clearing the mess.

4. Alert your bank and financial institutions

Be in constant communication with your banks and financial institutions to be aware of any information regarding the stolen data and if it was being used for fraudulent purposes. Apprise them of the steps you have taken to minimize damage and share any suspicious or unauthorized transactions that you see in your credit report.

3. Apply for new accounts

Check with the bank and financial institutions on when and how you should go about opening a new account. They are best placed to advise you on the timing and process. Opt to close and open fresh accounts, even the ones which haven’t been compromised. Being sure and not carrying any other infestations with your old accounts is an important preventive measure to restrict potential damage.

2. Look out for additional signs of theft

While you along with the multiple parties are trying to resolve your financial “freeze”, stay alert to notice if you receive a credit card you didn’t request, your statements still being sent in time and without any discrepancies. Thieves, usually play the “wait and watch game” to become active while you lose your guard.

1. Adopt stricter security measures

Get back to basics of adopting preventive measures. Only this time, be stricter on yourself. Change your passwords, let there be no linkage between your new and old passwords. Stay away from giving out personal information on social media sites. Beware of suspicious emails. If you don’t know the sender it is best to delete such emails. In all your activities, choose security, safety and protection over ease of access.

Being a victim of identity theft is a painful journey. But, you don’t have to panic. Be alert and be more aggressive with your moves. It is best to seek services from firms who have been in the business for long and know the entire process. They have access to software, algorithms and an army of professionals which an individual customer can’t beat. Identity guard coverage review also promises to spend $1Million dollars to make all efforts to recover damages for a victim. That’s a pretty strong commitment. Although it may sound like an insurance, it is better to have insurance than not having anything at all. So, leave out protection of identity in the hands of experts. But, do your bit, which is to be alert and not to lose your guard at any time.

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