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Winter is coming! Yes, that’s true. With winter making a fast stride towards us, this is the time that you start thinking about the ways with which you can winterize your home. If you aren’t able to do proper homework before the cold arrives, you might find it hard to live at your place. You don’t need to do a lot of work to prepare yourself for the coming winter. All you need to do is make small changes at your home with the help of our winterizing tips so you can reinforce your place against the freezing cold.

To help you strategize your winterizing drills, we have come up with certain tips which you can follow. Preparing your home for winter is the difference between needing 300 dollars now and possibly thousands in the middle of winter. With these simple tricks, you will be able to maintain the temperature of your place while keeping the electricity and other bills up to a minimum.

How to Winterize Your Home

Reinforce Doors and Windows

The doors and the windows need a lot of reinforcing when it comes to winterizing your place. You will always find small openings in doors and windows. If these openings aren’t met properly, these could be site points from where heat would exit your place and cold will enter inside. Apart from these holes, consider checking the seals of the sliding doors and windows as well to make sure there aren’t any spots where leakage can occur.

The openings or cracks you find should be properly dealt with. Caulk the openings present on fixed doors and windows. For sliding ones, change their rubber seals at their edges so the cold doesn’t enter and heat doesn’t leak out.

Reinforced doors and windows are your first line of defense against wind storms and bursts of cold during winter. So, make sure they are in the best shape. Otherwise, you might face a hard time during this coming winter.

Patio Enclosures

In the Northern Hemisphere, having patios outside your house is a common practice. These increase the living space if you’ve kept them up properly. Before the winter arrives this season, get your patio enclosed. There are numerous companies present in the market which offer enclosure services. Hire one and get an enclosure around your patio. During winter, the enclosure will keep your patio clear of snow. You can use this space for parties, BBQs, and other family get-togethers.

Focus on the Fireplace

During the cold season, one of the most important places inside your house is a fireplace. Get it ready early.  The first thing you need to do is get it cleaned. Make sure it’s in the best condition. Moreover, set your upholstery in accordance with the fireplace direction, so that everyone in the house can enjoy the warmth while sitting in the common area.

Furthermore, give a look at your chimney as well. When used for several years, your chimney accumulates carbon in them which sticks to the walls. With the amount of carbon increasing every year, the efficiency of the chimney reduces. Hire chimney cleaners and get it cleaned.

Lastly, what you need to do is make sure that the fireplace spreads warmth into your home and not send all of it out the chimney. Your efforts could go to waste if all of the heat gets out of your place via the chimney.

Insulate the Water Pipes

During the cold weather, the hot water pipes release heat into the atmosphere and ultimately the water gets cold. Insulate them with proper lining. For the purpose, you can use tubolit covering, an extremely popular insulation.

Tubolit will not allow the heat to radiate into the atmosphere, thus keeping the water in the pipes warm for your use. This will reduce the consumption of the water heater. As a result, your energy cost will also reduce.

Keep the Water Heater at Low Heat

People turn up the water heater to a high temperature. Water doesn’t need too much heat to get warm. Apart from the small amount of heat water uses, the rest goes to waste, putting a financial burden on your shoulders. Don’t overpay for the energy you don’t need by keeping the water heater set lower.

Check your Home Furnace

Home furnaces help you maintain the temperature of your place. An invaluable commodity, but if it isn’t maintained, it could end up costing you a good fortune. Some people freak out when their car fails and search for auto repair loans, but imagine having no heat.Old furnaces consume a lot of fuel. If you have an old one at your place then this might be a good time to buy a new one. Moreover, replace its filters after every three months.

The thermostat also plays a huge role in the winterizing of your place. Install a programmable thermostat with the furnace, so that you are able to alter the heat range according to your needs. Don’t keep the heat up to a maximum. If you don’t use too much space in your house, then heat the most used part of your place using small individual heaters rather than using the furnace.

Invest in a Geothermal Heating System

If you want to add efficiency to the heating system of your house, then invest in the geothermal heating system. Though the initial investment is high, your energy bills will ultimately reduce, thus allowing you save loads of money in the longer run. Moreover, you will be able to draw clean energy from the ground to keep your home warm.

Get Rid of Water from the AC Pipes

The water stored in the air conditioning pipes and vents should be emptied. If allowed to stay in the pipes, the water will freeze thus lowering the temperature of your place.

Lastly, get the plumbing of your place sorted out as well. Get rid of any leakages in the fixtures. This will elevate the efficiency of your place in the cold weather.

With these simple tricks, you can improve the heat prospects of your place. The winterizing strategies not only help you maintain the temperature of your place but reduce the energy costs in the longer run as well.

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