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For people like Jay and Luvleen Sidhu, founders of BankMobile, life is all about recreating success over and over again. BankMobile has been successful to affect the life of over two million customers by taking online banking to unchartered heights. 
Adding to that, their recently released book called ‘Why Can’t Banks Be as Easy as Uber?: BankMobile and the Real Future of Banking’ has earned international acclaim and received positive reviews on Amazon across USA, Australia, and Germany. The authors have also reached Amazon’s Top 100 authors in business and money category.   
The critically acclaimed executive team of BankMobile also organized a successful event on investor’s day. Luvleen Sidhu also earned several laurels for her brilliant work in the field of banking and has been named among top 10 “Innovators to watch” by Bank Innovation.  
The book throws light on why traditional banking system is not fit for the financial benefits of Americans and how BankMobile is bringing a revolutionary change. 
Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. New York Times Bestselling Author of Happier in her review of the book says, “What a compelling book! The banking revolution that the Sidhus are proposing is sure to make banking easier -- and you happier”. 
Smartphone generation is in dire need of a change in banking system and BankMobile is ideal for them.  
"...BankMobile offered a mobile banking app that provided basic bank accounts for real people: Checking, Savings, Personal Loan and financial education. The whole banking experience from opening an account to setting up bill pay can be done with the app. The technology they put together with their partners is far superior to that of biggest five banks in the U.S. As I write this in June 2016, my view has not changed, and the app has only improved to include more than basic banking. They now provide an easy to use advanced money management platform which gives the BankMobile customer the tools to manage and improve their financial lives. The story behind the creation of BankMobile is fascinating. It details how the banking system, in general, is broken and why the US needs bank services that are truly customer focused." - David Gerbino, FinTech, Bank and Data-Driven Marketing Consultant, DMG Consulting.
Purchase ‘Why Can't Banks Be as Easy as Uber?’  on Amazon via BankLikeUber.com.
BankMobile is a division of Customers Bank, a subsidiary of Customers Bancorp, Inc., a bank holding company in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and has a board of directors that includes renowned personalities like the founder of London-based C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie.
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