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When formulating a real estate investment strategy, one’s personal investment philosophy needs to be considered. What does the rest of your investment portfolio look like? Is your stock portfolio comprised of quality blue-chip companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Disney? Or is it filled with high risk penny stocks?  

In our report, Blue-chip Real Estate Investment, Why High Quality Homes Consistently Win, we at Investor Nation define a blue-chip investment property, how it compares to lesser quality properties, what industry experts say about various property types, and analyze a real world comparison on various property types.   

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In the report, we learn that vacancy and maintenance are the most underestimated costs on proformas and that many property sellers leave out tenant turnover (the real estate investment strategiesmost expensive part of owning investment property!) altogether. Did you know that homes built in the 1950’s cost 67% more to maintain than homes built in the 1990’s? Or that vacancy rates in some neighborhoods are over 200% higher than others?   Real data exists to prove that different classes of properties need to be evaluated differently. 

Blue-chip investors also have multiple exit strategies. In fact most blue-chip investment properties can be sold to owner occupants instead of just to another investor (for a discount) in the future. By understanding this fundamental difference you’ll be buying blue-chip properties at a discount and selling for retail prices in the future. 

At Investor Nation, we’ve been able to model both non-blue chip and blue-chip properties over a horizon and share our findings and the findings of others. We hope you’ll enjoy our report and discover the benefits of Blue-chip real estate investment strategies.

To access your complementary report on Blue-chip real estate investment strategies, click here.

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