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Investing in property is without doubt a good way to make money. Property developers and landlords regularly make better returns than other investors do, but it takes attention to detail at every stage of the sales process to make big profits.

Choosing the right property

Before buying a property, you need to have an understanding of what you are going to do with it. It is important to have a clear plan from the start. Understanding the potential of the building is important. You need to work out who you could sell or lease it to.

This is because your target market has a big impact on how much you should be paying for that property and how you refurbish it. Knowing this also helps you to come up with a viable budget for each project.


Having a good understanding of the final value of the property means that you are less likely to buy a building that costs you too much to restore and remarket. This is vitally important for property investors. You only need to invest in one bad building to wipe out months or years of profits.

Developing the property for your chosen market


Knowing the demographic or group that you want to sell the building to helps you to determine which facilities and features you need to incorporate into your building. It is all too easy for things to get out of control at the planning stage and for you to end up spending more than you need to. You need to include what your target demographic wants in a property, and resist the temptation to do more.

Start with the structure


Before you buy the fixtures and fittings, the building first needs to be made structurally sound. Services like the electrics, heating and plumbing need to be checked and updated if necessary. This type of work can often cost more than anticipated. Therefore, getting that work done first ensures that you know what is left in the budget to finish the building. Ensuring that your building is structurally sound first will keep you on budget and ensure that you turn a profit on every project.

Staying on budget


A good finish is important, but spending thousands that you do not need to on a kitchen that the new owner is likely to rip out just does not make sense. You just need a good quality, up to date kitchen that will appeal to the group of buyers that you are targeting, but it does not always have to be an expensive one.

Stage to sell


When it is time to sell, it is important to fully furnish and dress the building. This is easy and relatively inexpensive to do using show home furniture. You can hire it for a low monthly cost.


Dressing and finishing your property is the best way to show its full potential to buyers. Empty rooms are hard to sell because most property buyers cannot visualize what the room will look like furnished. It is therefore hard for them to see themselves living in your property.


Proper property staging solves this problem. It will help you to sell your property faster and do so for a better price.



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