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This profitable coffee farm is exceptional, the ranch home upon it beautiful, the views from it stunning and its potential as a multi-purpose tourism attractive significant.

The 467-acre farm, which enjoys three waterfalls, is certified by the Rainforest Alliance as one of 100 coffee farms in Latin American that farms in accordance with best-practice ecologically managed rules. In addition the farm was recently ranked #22 of 100 for the quality and taste of their coffee in a California competition. The farm is also certified by Starbucks as a supplier of fine coffee. The farm is 1 hour drive from Matagalpa, less than an hour from the Pan American highway and less than 3 hours from Managua and the country's international airport. It has excellent potential as a commercial/residential mixed-use residence, bed & breakfast, coffee-themed tourist attraction and coffee farm.

The farm has enjoyed an average annual profit margin (profit as a percentage of gross sales) of more than 24% over the past three years. The annual ROI for a purchase this year is estimated to be more than 20%.
This property pays for itself within a few years.

A mountain enclave more than 700 meters aboe sea level, Matagalpa boasts the single best 'Goldilocks' climate in Nicaragua: not too hot, not too cold. Some call it the land of eternal spring. Others compare it to Panama's Boquete, but it's more affordable with greater potential. It features a variety of beautiful mountain views, shopping, restaurants and a stunningly eclectic mix of impressive large homes near the excellent town square -- most at middle-class prices -- to say nothing of its fertile and amazingly varied farms of coffee and other fruits and vegetables. Nicaragua was once the "breadbasket" of Central America. The Matagalpan region is widely known as the breadbasket of Nicaragua itself.

Please contact us for a full prospectus that includes production, sales and profit figures.

Serenity of Nicaragua
In US & International: 1-202-370-6962
In Nicaragua: 202-474-6241


Contact: See contact information at top of listing