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(Brokers allowed to make contact with me but no daisy chains whatsoever).

Hi everyone. I am looking for residential nonperforming notes (NPNs) in MD, DC and northern VA. Sellers please contact me if you have NPNs that match my criteria below. Brokers feel free to contact me only if you have direct access to the seller (I mean there will only be three parties involved if the notes are brokered to me; broker, seller and me). And yes, I will be acting a principal on deals that match my criteria.

Note Purchase Criteria

Loan Types:

* Secured 1st and 2nd Liens

Trust Deeds and Mortgages (Non-Performing):

* 1st Mortgage Defaults
* 2nd Mortgage Defaults (the 2nds must have been originated in 2000 or earlier)
* Non-performing
* Section 32 (High Cost Loans)
* Charge-offs
* Early payment Defaults (EPD)
* Alt-A, Subprime and Prime
* Bankruptcies
* Forbearance/Payment Plans


* MD, DC and Northern VA

I look forward to getting access to the NPNs you have available as soon as possible.

My goal here is to provide value to you by helping you get rid of assets you have been having trouble with by first of all understanding your pricing needs and then bidding to your need in such a way whereby all parties involved in the transactions wins.

I look forward to doing business with your firm.

P.S: My sweet spot for offers to buy nonperforming notes usually between 55% to 60% of the current Quick Sale Value of the real estate backed by the NPNs.

Contact: See contact information at top of listing
* Please do NOT contact this lister about other services, products or commercial interests.