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 Middle Eastern markets are accelerating their adoption of many different things from cloud and VoIP to beauty and personal care products. There have been a lot of different markets which have experienced an influx of growth, here is a handy guide to the various investment options there is now in the Middle East.

Beauty And Care

The Middle East and Africa will be the fastest-growing region in beauty and personal care products over the next five years. The MEA’s 25.4 billion dollar market will grow by a whopping 6.4 per cent a year over the next five years, according to research by Euro monitor International. Globally, the sector is expected to grow by 3 per cent a year. The predications of growth are based on economic trends, and a survey predicted the share of premium beauty products in Saudi Arabia would grow from 54 per cent in 2015 of the markets to 60 per cent in 2020.


The GCC’s healthcare market has currently experienced stable growth in the past few years; which was driven by a growing ageing demographic and increased healthcare expenditure per capita. The rising demand of health care services paired with restricted supply of healthcare solutions has then resulted in government across the GCC implementing new technologies, systems of care and considering further partnerships with international healthcare providers including those who provide cheap hair transplants in Turkey as well as other treatments. GCC governments have continued to invest and to modernise and reform its healthcare systems, as well as promote economic diversification in the region.


The Middle East is evolving as well as liberalizing its approach to telecom services, including VoIP. GCC countries have continued to drive technology forward, and major world-stage events such as expo 2020, FIFA World Cup 2022 and Formula 1 will ensure that the investment in the region’s network infrastructure and communications continue that way. When it comes to network the Middle East, own and operate the leading international network that delivers the best quality of service, using a fully reliable network design in most geographies. After technology, healthcare and beauty there are also many other markets with investment options including solar energy and tourism services. 

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