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                                 *Exclusive and Authentic Investment opportunity information*
Leveraging your Asset - Diversifying your Capital
If you are looking to Lease a Bank Instrument from a Top 25 World Bank and get it monetized to fund your project or enter into a Repo Trading as known as PPP, Real Estate, Business or any other investment purpose, then read on..
Let’s say that you have the following Scenario:
  • You want to Lease a minimum $50M or $100M, Instrument from HSBC London, Credit Swiss, etc.
  • You already have a Monetizer for you.
  • The cost to get the instrument is 2% of Face Value.
  • That’s $2M that you don’t have!


That’s where our producing and reliable sources comes in! Only a two to three day turn-around for to receive loan. Having 'Direct' access to a Private Hard Money Investor that will put up the $2M that you need for under $200K! The total example: $2M Bridge loan at 7% for approximately 1% down. Now, that's all you need to get your project funded.
The requirements to Qualify are:
  • You must show the POF (Proof of Funds) for the 7%.
  • Minimum Loan Amount is $2M USD.
  • You must Guarantee the Repayment of the Loan.
  • If you have No Money, Don’t Apply! This isn’t Free!
  • You must sign a NDA and Fee Agreement before being introduced to the Lender and/or Principal Investor with the Instrument Leasing and Trading investment opportunities.
  • You can use your own Monetizer/Provider, or we can do it for you.
  • A $5k Non Performance Security Deposit is required - 100% refundable.


The bottom line is: For a fraction of the original cost, you or your clients can now get into PPP’s, Monetizations, Project Funding, Movies/Films Funding or whatever it is that you do!
This Lender will also do loans for:
  • Buy-Sell — Real Estate, Financial Instruments, Commodities, etc.,
  • Private Investment — Programs/Placement, Risk- less Arbitrage
  • Deposits — Enhancements, Escrow, Compensating, Transaction, Fees
  • Project/Business Loans — Structured Bridge/Debt Funding


No Credit Checks! Just a verifiable 'Exit Strategy' is needed. If you do not have an Exit Strategy or Investment opportunities of your own, we can assist you.

For a full presentation and/or to schedule a phone consultation, please feel free to email us for details at:



Projects and Asset Management Consulting Group

Contact: See contact information at top of listing
* Please do NOT contact this lister about other services, products or commercial interests.