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I am currently brokering nonperforming notes (NPNs) directly from banks to my clients and now I want to start buying them for myself as principal. I am wondering if you can help me?

I need to raise capital through 6-7 private lenders, I am willing to pay 12% interest and give them a collateral assignment of the note and mortgage I get from the bank so as to secure their money.

If you know anyone that will be interested then I will like to take the time to present my offer to you so I that can answer all your questions.

After I have answered all your questions and your are certain that your contact will be interested then I will present my offer to them as well.

I am willing to pay you a 2.5% fee per private lender at funding.

Let me know if you are interested so I can send you more information because I want you to fully understand what I am offering before you make the connection with your contacts for them to get involved as my private lenders.


Contact: See contact information at top of listing