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I have some investors who are interested in green projects. They are looking for projects that have stalled due to financing or existing projects looking to expand to obtain larger contracts. There are NO upfront fees or fancy lending tricks. It’s just this simple; if your project has the studies complete, you own the land/building or have a long term lease/contract to purchase, in place and you have proven (PPP) contracts or negotiations with a utility company that has interest in purchasing your product, we are interested in your project. This is not a trick; it’s not even a loan program, this is private money. My investors are looking for equity positions in green projects and the tax credits from green projects give them the highest tax credits possible, the carbon credits from bio fuel are a big bonus for them as well. Once they get the credits, this will end. The take out loan with USDA funding and government grants, will also be handled “in house”.  Once again we are not looking to fund concepts, theories or studies; we are looking for projects that are production ready.

Deals we are considering:

The purchase of 25M bio plant in TN, borrower already producing bio fuel and needs a larger facility to supply nationwide buyer (contact buyer in place)

18M in startup capital needed for wind farm in Colorado, borrower owns the land, studies are complete and in negotiations with a utility company to purchase the power.


Contact: See contact information at top of listing