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Make no mistake: there is big money to be made in student accommodation. Many amateur investors on the property market view buy-to-let investments simply as a means to a small return on the residential property market. However, a more insightful and entrepreneurial breed of real estate investors are now reaping massive returns by renting their properties out as student accommodation. By applying this same approach to your own investments, you could see a dramatic rise in both your short term and long term profits.

Student Accommodation: Where The Money Is

Student accommodation has thrived in the past few years, notably outpacing the conventional real estate market, not just in the United States but in the vast majority of Western countries. In the United Kingdom last year, the growth and investment strength of student property has been so prolific, that The Times newspaper described it as the top asset class in the current property market. Compared to more conventional forms of residential and commercial property, student property has consistently offered the highest return for investors.

How Does It Achieve Such a Profit?

For someone unfamiliar to the world of real estate, it might seem bizarre or even unlikely that one of the greatest sources of potential income is in fact those who are reputed to have the least money. But the profit to be made in student accommodation does not relate to the relative affluence of your tenants. Rather, it relates to the location of your property and the division of rental payments. In general terms, students do not want to have to travel vast distances in order to attend university, particularly if it is on a daily basis. Therefore, purchasing a buy-to-let property that is within close proximity to a nearby university campus is a guaranteed way of insuring permanent occupancy during term-time. Secondly, rather than renting the whole house, many landlords will instead opt to rent rooms out individually. This approach will of course substantially increase their overall profits. Landlords also commonly save money and time by having their student houses furnished through a company such as www.davidphillips.com. Not only does this save them money in the short term, but it gives the property a consistency and class that will allow them to increase the rent.

It's There For the Taking

There is no doubt about it. The money in student property is there for the taking. By doing your research and locating and furnishing properties close to Universities, you are certainly putting yourself on the fast track to big financial returns.

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