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Casablanca Developments Group is a Real Estate Company/Developer derived from Alianza Desarollos Inmobilarios based in Mexicali, Baja California.  We create, construct and execute projects such as: Housing Developments, Malls and Commercial Buildings.  We have introduced ourselves to the San Felipe Market and are currently embarked in the development  of "Casablanca" a resort style housing project. 

This project is the second of its kind for Casablanca Developments Group, which just completed and sold out 90 units at our development  Mision Los Sahuaros (www.sahuaros.com.mx).  Casablanca is a housing development derived from the Mediterranean style and improved by the Southwest style currently implemented in San Felipe.  It includes 213 beach lots, club house, beach front restaurant, mini golf, health fitness and spa, indoor pool, jacuzzis, tennis courts, security, underground facilities and is a gated community.  To see the development please visit www.casablancasf.com.

Our company currently requires a loan of $11.45 M.D., and we are offering a pay back warranty of almost 2 to 1, based on the current land's value.  Casablanca's current apraisal is valued at more than $26.7 M.D.  Adding to this, our revenues are 10 to 1 due to the income and revenue that this development in itself generates.

We have all the accounting support of the investment already done , price list, cost analysis, or any other documentation related to our request.  Our back up data is available at any time.

We are also considering offering the development in three different ways:

1.  Sell Casablanca's idea to develop the housing project for $9.5 M.D. 

2.  Sell Casablanca in its entirety (without the commitment of developing the Casablanca's project)  for $12.5 M.D. OR

3.  Sell Casablanca and have Casablanca Developments Group execute the project  for $17.30 M.D.

We are currenly open to all investment options, including the possibility of joint ventures.  We also welcome creative payment plans.

In summary this opportunity of a lifetime offers the following:

Casablanca's cost:  $9.5 Million Dollars

Executing the project: 7.80 Million Dollars

Total Cost:  17.30 Million Dollars

*Total Income: $32 Million Dollars

Net Profit: $14.70 Million Dollars

Profit Margin: 46%

*Note: This minimum income of $32 Million Dollars represents only the preliminary revenues, since this amount does not include any other income from the Restaurant, Club House or Commercial area.  Most importantly this income does not include anything related to the obvious SURPLUS and/or added value to the  land.  By only developing streets or initiating infrastructure works automatically, beach lots go up 15%  of their priliminary value. 

Please, Only accredited investors.

Become part of this dream and take the opportunity of your lifetime... 

Feel free to contact Artemio Felix or Sibely Lopez at:

Artemio Felix: (775) 247-6060

 Sibely Lopez: (775) 412-2423

To learn more about Casablanca please visit www.casablancasf.com

Contact: See contact information at top of listing