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Want to learn more about how the self directed IRA can help you invest in real estate and help you keep more of your earnings? IRAcheckbook is a national Self Directed IRA facilitator that will create a "checkbook IRA" for you.  The crash course is an email sent over 5 days so you can study at your own pace.  There is no cost or obligation.

A Self Directed IRA Plan offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate, precious metals, and businesses. The investments grow tax-deferred, or in the case of Roth, tax-free.

By purchasing rental property; multi-family apartments; a commercial building; land or even a rental property on the beach, you can tap your IRA without paying a penalty and invest in what you know.

What all hard-working taxpayers should know about a "Checkbook IRA."

Using a self-directed IRA or 401(K) funds to purchase income-generating real estate is a profitable strategy an ever-growing number of savvy investors are experiencing, especially given the current market conditions. With an IRAcheckbook or 401kcheckbook-plan, you can buy rental property as an investment – just as you would buy stock market securities.

This means our customers can use their retirement funds to buy real estate without incurring early distribution taxes or penalties, and they can realize the rental payments as tax-deferred income within their IRA or 401(K); and in the case of Roth IRA funds, tax-free growth. That’s right! Rent does not show up on the tax return. There’s also no Schedule E because the rent is seen as a return on investment to the IRA or 401(K), not income. The same is true with capital gains. Profits upon sale are seen as a return on investment to the IRA or 401(K) and there is no Schedule E involved. All that is required is a one-time report of value for the self-directed IRA at year-end. In the case of a self-directed 401(K), there’s no requirement for a year-end report if the value is less than $250,000.

The power of this is evident!

Learn about the Self-Directed IRA via our 5 part email series at your own pace. Understand the history, structure, benefits and limitations of the Self-Directed IRA. No sales meeting required to enroll. Get the Facts Today.  Then you will be invited to our next webinar or private consultation.

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