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A self directed roth IRA can be an extremely powerful retirement planning tool. Roth IRAs allow you to accumulate investment returns tax free inside your IRA, and self directed IRAs allow you to take control over your investments by opening up alternative investment options outside of the stock market. When you combine the two structures, you get something really special - the self directed Roth IRA.

With a self directed Roth IRA, you can buy real estate, tax liens, private notes and much more—inside your IRA account, and generating tax free returns. Why settle for the pultry returns you're getting from the stock market, when there are so many other options out there?

Our self directed Roth IRA structure puts you in control. When you set up a self directed Roth IRA account with us, we will create a custom LLC structure that ends with you having checkbook control over your Roth IRA funds.

Want to go to the foreclosure auction and buy a property? No problem. With our structure, you can simply go down to the bank, grab a cashier's check and then go bid on properties—it's that easy.

Of course there are some rules and regulations you need to know about concerning self directed IRAs. There are a few things that the IRS prohibits you from investing in using IRA funds. In addition there are some people you are not allowed to invest with that you need to know about. When you choose to work with us, though, you are getting a lifelong partner. We will arm you with all the education and information you need to stay in the IRS's good graces—before you start investing with your new self directed Roth IRA account. In addition if you ever have any questions down the road, we will be there to answer them for you.

Click here for more information about setting up a self directed Roth IRA.

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