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Resort Connection is the industry's leading resort real estate network, connecting real estate agents with resort developments throughout the world. Agents have exclusive access to Resort MLS, the industry's only Resort-Specific Multiple Listing Service. Buyers, agents, and property owners alike all benefit from this unique network!

I don’t know anyone looking for resort property.  Should I still join?  How will it benefit me?

Any licensed real estate agent can join Resort Connection and participate in the numerous opportunities to earn additional revenue.  Although you may not know anyone looking for resort property at the moment, just mentioning the fact that you are part of a national resort network is bound to spark conversation.  This can lead to referrals that were not part of your residential real estate business.  Just think of what one or two additional sales could do to boost your earnings; why let thousands of dollars slip through your fingers?  That is the power of Resort Connection. 

Joining Resort Connection has many benefits including the ability to build your own sales force.  What other company lets you recruit your colleagues as members and get paid for doing do.  They don’t even have to be in the same brokerage as you!  Helping to build the Resort Connection network can produce a steady stream residual income from future resort sales and build true financial security for you and your family.

Finally, joining Resort Connection provides another area of distinction in your real business.  Incorporate Resort Connection into your listing presentation to distinguish yourself and add more professionalism that separates you from many other agents.  Utilize your membership to renew and revisit past clients to keep them informed of exciting new market areas.  Leverage the exclusiveness of the ResortMLS™ system to research properties giving you a competitive advantage.  Participate in educational opportunities to learn how to market and sell resort property within your sphere of influence.  Remember, with an ever expanding network it only takes one contact to make a sale.  Assuming Resort Connection achieves 100,000 members, with only 20% making one sale that equates to 20,000 transactions.  Why let this opportunity pass you by?  Join today! Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Terry Warren
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