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What is the investment?

The purchase of land rights in agricultural land in Ukraine

Combine Harvester

Why is Obelisk, who has previously only offered property investment, recommending this investment?

  • Production of grains is at a historical 30 year-low, and yet consumption continues to grow, hitting a record high of 35 million tonnes in 2008. As a result, a significant gap between supply and demand has emerged.
  • Known as the 'bread basket of Europe', home to rich fertile soils and already the world's 10th largest cereal exporter, Ukraine is an obvious choice for land.
  • 70% of all land in Ukraine is agricultural land, of which 40% is black-earth soil (rich, fertile and ideal for crop growing) – the most fertile soil in Europe.
  • According to the World Bank: "Ukraine is in a position to make a significant contribution to the international food crisis, while providing attractive investment".
  • Structured exit strategy at 5 years to an institutional fund.
  • Soft commodities futures market valued at $250 Billion annually.
  • Institutional funds have poured £8 billion into agricultural land, despite the economic downturn.

For more information please goto Ukraine Agricultural Land.

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