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Totally price 105,1 million Euros  (buy in several steps possible)


2 mineral water bottling plants:  “North east Spain A and B”                37,7 mill. Euro

4 mineral water bottling plants:                                                                        61,7 mill. Euro

(North east Spain A and B  - Madrid -  Valencia )

4 Land with licensed  mineral water Wells (no factory)                          43,4 mill. Euro

(Sevilla -  Sierra Nevada - Jaen - San Sebastian)                                      





The following unique business offer involves the purchasing of a package of:

4 mineralwater enterprices and 4 plots with licensed mineral water wells, without plants.


This package consists of 8 separate companies, which the project initiator plans to sell as a package titled “PHM.”  The package offers a market leading position in the water industry in Spain . The product overflow into other European countries will also guarantee a leading position in the European market. It would also be possible to deliver to countries outside of European, such as water poor African continent, or other water-poor countries because several of these plants are near seaports.


waterdropExample export costs

port Valencia/Spain to port   Nhava Sheva/Indien

all production costs                                                                            0,0909 €/1,5 l bottle

Transport costs factory to port Valencia/Spain                           0,0053 €/1,5 l bottle

port Valencia to port Nava Sheva/India                                        0,0621 €/1,5 l bottle

 waterdropTOTALLY: Produccion and Transport costs  to Nava Sheva       0,1583 €/1,5 l bottle

waterdropBy purchasing all 8 properties “PHM”, you will have the ability to efficiently deliver into all regions with the best logistical service and lowest costs, because of the distribution of the water plants over Spain and Portugal

waterdropThe mineral waters-types comply with strict European standards regarding baby food and low sodium diets. (There are 140 mineral water companies in Spain , and only 50 fulfil these criteria).


waterdropThis very lucrative investment opportunity provides a high yield. While demand for water is rising, resources are limited and diminishing.



Bottled water has become one of the largest industries in the world.

The public is concerned about tap water safety and quality, and, with much encouragement from the bottled water industry's aggressive marketing, views bottled water as a purer, safer option.

Sales and consumption of bottled water have skyrocketed in recent years. From 1988 to 2002, the sales of bottled water globally have more than quadrupled to over 131 million cubic meters annually. Bottled water sales worldwide are increasing at 10 percent per year, while the volume of fruit drinks consumed is growing less than 2% annually and beer and soft drink sales are growing at less than 1% per year.

Example Amerika:

More than 50% of Americans drink bottled water occasionally or as their major source of drinking water

Herbert Mergener


Source: http://www.finewaters.com/Newsletter/The_Water_Connoisseur_Archive/Bottled_Water_Market_to_Reach_65.9_Billion_by_2012.asp


waterdropIn this offer are companies with -/+ 23 million turnover/Year

(attached: conversions of 2 enterprises "North east Spain A and B")


Sales in Spain have increased over the last 10 years from 2.2 Billion litres to 6.2 Billion litres. Spain is in Second place in Europe and ranks third worldwide with an annual increase of 10% in water consumption.

The aforementioned plants are the only offered one in Spain at the moment.

waterdropPlease contact me should you be interested in further information. This will be send to you together with the confidentially agreement, which I ask to sign for more detailed information. Visits to the area can be arranged.


waterdropI have an international active lawyer consortium, which can advice your  during the purchasing process.

http://www.bridgehouselawalliance.com/munich.html  (ATLANTA/USA)

http://www.gascon-nasarre.com ( SPAIN )

(Correspondence please ONLY with me)


This offer the objects is non-binding and without engagement. -prior subject to sale-


If you require anymore information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards


Steve Fitzgerald


0044 7505 911 520

0044 1934 744 003

Contact: See contact information at top of listing