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Kaplan Private Funding is a modern firm, but with a proven historical pedigree. We combine the values of experience and accumulated knowledge with the virtues of modern vision and technology. Perhaps most importantly for our clients, we enjoy impeccable credentials.

As a successful, established private financial services , clients enjoy complete peace of mind when working with us. Over the years, satisfied clients have expressed total confidence in our solutions, reserves, people and products.

With couple of years experience, few can match our extensive and sensitive understanding of the problems - and opportunities.

Our comprehensive range of funding options means that clients enjoy an exceptional - and versatile - choice of financing solutions.

I make private money loans to investors, builders and dealers and entrepeneurs. I can make non-conventional loans that traditional lenders often cannot make. I can keep your project moving ahead with short term financing for acquisitions, construction or "rehab" projects, or bridge loans. And, important in today's market, I can help finance purchases and renovation of residential foreclosed properties.

Our goal is to get you the money when you need it the most! We help entrepreneurs move on projects in a timely manner so that they can achieve their objectives. With closing times normally within two weeks, I benefits clients that want to take advantage of opportunities that require immediate action as well as clients that have unique circumstances- cash-outs, bankruptcy, and credit issues.

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Taqi Kaplan

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