10 Danetti Hacks to Maximise Your Real Estate Value

 The furniture company Danetti are keen to help home owners maximise the real estate value of their property ready for a time when they might wish to either …

 The furniture company Danetti are keen to help home owners maximise the real estate value of their property ready for a time when they might wish to either rent the property out or sell it on the open market.

Here are 10 hacks that will help to get the highest amount for the property.

1. Focus on the Exterior First, Interior Second

Home owners make the mistake of preparing the interior for a viewing, but forget about what the property looks like from the outside. Before anyone sees the interior in person, they arrive and walk up the driveway. Make sure the outside “pops”.

2. Good Illumination Matters

Many homes are far too dark. The lighting is poorly located, not powerful enough and leaves most areas of every room less illuminated than would be preferable. Consider changing light fixtures where it makes sense to do so.

3. Remodel the Kitchen

For homes with a kitchen that was built in the 1980s or earlier, unless they’re going for the retro look through the property, they should strongly consider investing in a new kitchen. Whilst new owners may plan to replace the new kitchen with one of their own choosing later, the old style kitchen will put off too many buyers who like the property but mentally cannot get past the kitchen and its 1980s décor.

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4. Make the Most of Rear Patio / Garden Space

Depending on the size of the rear space, it is important to emphasise its benefits. A long garden should be well tended to before all viewings. A smaller outdoor space should focus on how useful it can be for gatherings, BBQs, etc.

5. Modern Paintings and Artwork

Whether you prefer still photography, charcoal drawings or landscape paintings, adding some artwork on the walls can really break up the emptiness in the room.

6. Keen Eye in the Bathroom

The ladies are particularly interested in how the bathroom looks. Is it modern with new bathroom units? Is there enough space to move around? Are the mirrors large enough? Is the shower curtain new? Focus on the details here.

7. Open House Showing

Use an open house to invite people at the same time. Create a sense of interest and urgency in the people who arrive to see the property.

8. Match Food and Drink Catering to the Type of Property

For modern apartments, offer food and refreshments that reflect modern living for young adults. With older family homes, offer home-based cooking that will appeal to this type of client.

9. Add Fresh-Cut Flowers

Make sure to buy some fresh-cut flowers presented in an attractive vase to bring out the colour and light in the room. This helps to create a light, airy feel to the property.

10. Update the Furnishings

The furnishings for a home are often collected over time. This means that the sofa and the armchair in the living room don’t often match (not even with a drape over the armchair to try to fake it). Look to replace non-matching furniture with something modern suite. Whether you wish to follow the latest trend of white gloss tables or acquire a wooden table with an attractive grain, make sure that the furniture suits the space it’s in.


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