5 Exterior Upgrades to Make to Your Home This Summer

Homeowners know the importance of curb appeal and how maintaining their home’s exterior impacts the overall value. The summer months don’t last for a long time, but it …

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Homeowners know the importance of curb appeal and how maintaining their home’s exterior impacts the overall value. The summer months don’t last for a long time, but it is enough time to make simple home improvements. Whether you have the means to complete your own home upgrades without the help of a financial institution or you need the help of a subcontractor to complete your next real estate project, get inspired with these home upgrades.

1. Build a new deck.

Maybe you moved into a new house but didn’t have the finances to build a new deck at the time. A home equity line of credit is a great way to pay for new home renovations. Another option to cover the cost of construction is to take out a home construction loan. Construction loans differ from traditional mortgages in several ways. Construction loans have a higher interest rate and higher monthly payments. Instead of a set loan amount, a home construction loan is divided into stages throughout the construction process and doesn’t charge interest.

Loans are your source for finding and comparing different types of loans from a range of lenders to suit your needs as a borrower. Whether you are seeking a traditional loan with an attractive interest rate based on your credit score or a type of construction loan that charges interest payments for a period before reverting to an end loan, you have plenty of loan options to choose from. The cost of building should never stand in the way of your renovation plans. Take the mystery out of what is a construction loan and shop with confidence for a qualified builder to bring your deck vision to life.


2. Spruce up your patio.

Spruce up your patio by replacing any loose or cracked tiles. Adding a fire pit and some comfortable outdoor seating is a great way to create ambiance. Installing a patio cover, pergola, or retractable awning not only keeps the sun at bay but it also looks great. Residential awnings such as retractable awnings and fixed awnings add instant curb appeal to your home.

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Marygrove Awnings has a different type of awning to suit your specifications and renovation needs. From durable aluminum awnings to canvas awnings made with top of the line outdoor fabrics, you get a say in the detailed plans that will make your porch pop. Door awnings, canopies, and shutters are a simple and energy-efficient way to add curb appeal to your current home.

If you live in the Chicago Suburbs call Marygrove Awnings Chicago for your free quote and start the rehab on your patio this summer. Their expert builders are ready to deliver outstanding customer service while installing the awning of your renovation dreams.


3. Replace the front door and garage door.

Replacing your front door and garage doors is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal and home value. Depending on your renovation budget, it may not be affordable to replace these doors. An alternative is to give your garage and front door a power washing before putting on a fresh coat of paint. Swap out the hardware on your front door and your house numbers to enhance the new look.

4. Breathe new life into the facade.

Cracked, peeling, and missing siding is an easy exterior upgrade. Keeping your siding in good condition protects your home from the elements during the winter months and keeps it dry from the rain. Power wash the entire exterior of your home, then go around to check for any issues that need attention. Add a fresh coat of paint to the cleaned exterior to give your home a new look.


5. Give your landscaping a makeover.

Give your landscaping a makeover by adopting a lawn care routine, treating dead spots, and adding new sod to bare patches. Plant a garden, add some outdoor lighting to your walkway, plant some easy-maintenance shrubs, or install an energy-efficient sprinkler system.

6. Repair your roof before the cold months set in.

Summer is a good time to have a general contractor take a look at your roof and make any necessary repairs or maintenance. Missing or loose shingles allow water leaks from rain and snow to get into your home. Keeping up with the condition of your roof will extend its life and keep you safe and warm.


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