5 Real Estate SEO tips for Realtors

Everyone wants to create more traffic to their website but not many people inside of Real Estate know any strategies for getting your website out there in the …

Everyone wants to create more traffic to their website but not many people inside of Real Estate know any strategies for getting your website out there in the market. Inside of this post we’re going explore 10 tips how to boost your website traffic using search engine optimization for your website.
SEO Tips For Realtors
1.       Make your Website Mobile Responsive
It’s estimated that about 66% of the traffic comes from mobile search in Google and seems means that your potential leads are searching on the web. No longer are people coming to you first, their looking through reviews on Social media and other platforms to learn what people have said about.
2.       Get Former Customers to give reviews
Getting customers to give reviews on your social media or your Google plus, yelp reviews. This gives social proof to your leads and gives you credibility about your real estate services. It shows, if you solve problems with sellers or buyers. You’re always going have bad comments so make sure you answer to all comments through your reviews on social media company pages. 
3.       Create a Blog
Blogging is one of the best organic ways to help your website’s SEO. It helps you in a couple of ways:
  1. It gets people to your site and increases your pageviews. This tells Google that you have a good website.
  2. It encourages readers to share and create links back to your page. The more high-quality links you have, the better it is for your overall page rank.
Blogging isn’t for everyone you might want to learn to just to add value through guest posting…
4.       Guesting Posting for Real Estate
Guesting Posting has been around awhile and you want to want to find opportunities through your network or looking for keywords like “Real estate + guest posting” for ideas inside of your niche. This takes lot of networking when it comes to finding the right guest post of your real estate business. I receive about 10-20 people a week that reach out to a week. 
So just network and be real with the person that you’re trying to reach out with the person you want to guest post for. 
Hi (Morris Real Estate),
I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to http://domainnaemcom.
I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:
-How to buy your first home with Low Income
-How to buy your first home with no money down
What do you think?
If I agree, write up the article and send it completely done.
5.       Educate yourself in SEO
If, you’re planning on hiring someone when it comes to search engine optimization you must learn at least the basics for you can talk the language about Real Estate SEO for your website.
Some of the basics of SEO will be listed down below
1.       On Page SEO
o   Title
o   Url Structure
o   Meta Data
o   Alt tags for images
o   Videos
o   Content at 500 words+
2.       Off Page SEO
o   Guest Posting
o   Outreach Link building
o   Broken Link Building
o   Should you use Private Blog Networks or Not
o   Tier Building
o   Web 2.0’s
o   Broken Link Building
o   Building High Authority Back links 
These are just some of the strategies and there a lot resources online that you can run with the actual content when comes to linking and I forgot to mention commenting on blogs can be effective just don’t overdo it. 
About the Author 

Paul Savola is a SEO Expert that helps real estate professionals build a brand reputation inside of search engines to attract target customers. http://paulsavola.com main focus is help attracting new clients through search engine marketing.

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