5 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Business

 Whether you are just getting into the real estate business or looking to take a large section of the local market, there are many different ways to promote …

 Whether you are just getting into the real estate business or looking to take a large section of the local market, there are many different ways to promote a real estate business successfully.


Different Ways To Promote A Real Estate Business

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Here are 5 ways to promote a real estate business whilst remaining professional.

1. Start a Real Estate Podcast

Be seen as an expert in the real estate field nationally by starting a podcast about real estate. This can be a highly successful way to get the business brand in front of people interested in buying or selling real estate, either as an investment or simply for a home to live in. Bigger Pockets is the most well known podcast about real estate and the main host doesn’t even invest in real estate himself any more. This suggests there is a gap in the market for a licensed real estate broker to enter.

2. Promote the Brand on the Company Cars

Adding the business logo to the company car fleet is likely to do a lot around town to make local people aware of the brand. Make sure that the cars are regularly serviced so that no one is ever late for an appointment. Be sure to use Performix Plasti Dip as a protective coating over important parts to prevent excessive wear and tear.

3. Buy Ads on Local Radio Stations

Local radio stations mostly get listeners from residents who are interested in local issues. Because of this, these listeners make ideal people to promote the real estate business to. A 30-second radio spot mentioning your service, your location, and its unique selling point can be enough to catch the attention of people interested in buying property in the area. If you can find a local radio station that covers real estate that would be even better to reach your target audience more directly. Even if the listening audience isn’t large, it can still make sense if the listeners are already interested in the subject of real estate.

4. Sponsor Local Events

Whether there is a local sporting event, a charity drive, or some other event that will accept sponsorship in exchange for the prominent display of the real estate company logo, this is a good way to reach local people and support the local community while doing it. A classic win-win.

5. Become the Local Real Estate Expert

TV stations like CNN are always looking for knowledgeable experts in key sectors of the economy who can explain the important events of the day in everyday terms. Real estate is a topic that TV shows love to cover and struggle to find experts who have the time to come into the studio to talk about it. The station will be happy to display the name of the real estate business you represent when you’re introduced on air. This approach has worked well for many financial planners and financial advisers who remain visible on TV and typically have more clients than they can handle later.

There are many different approaches to take with promoting a real estate company. It is important to remember to be authentic and honest when representing the business so that it will be seen in the best light possible.


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