An Effective Guide to Business Marketing through Facebook

According to social media statistics, Facebook is the number one social media platformbusinesses use for marketing their products.  Close to 41% of small businesses in the US leverage …

According to social media statistics, Facebook is the number one social media platformbusinesses use for marketing their products.  Close to 41% of small businesses in the US leverage on Facebook as part of their overall online marketing strategies. However, inspite of its widespread usage, some business owners still haven’t managed to tap into the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing tool.

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Facebook Marketing Strategies With Chalk Talk

A survey done by Social Media Examiner bringing together 3,700 marketersrevealed that 55% of them felt their efforts were not yielding the desired returns. This is why it is important for business owners to understand the practices and strategies that yield positive ROI in Facebook marketing. The following components give business owners the best practices and actionable advice on how to make this possible.
Facebook Page and Username
This is the starting point for your business marketing efforts. Your brand name ought to rank both in Facebook and Google search so that your prospects and customers can find you easily. Your username should be memorable and descriptive. Instead of having a page URL that just displays numbers, ensure you claim your vanity URL which includes your username. Also, you should ensure your about us section has the appropriate descriptive keywords inserted in your products and business description.
Image Optimization 
When visitors come to your Facebook page, they will first see your profile photos and cover image. This means your images should be of professional quality so as to accurately reflect the feel and look of your brand. The optimal size requirements for your cover and profile photos are 851 x 315 pixels and 160 x 160 pixels respectively. If you fail to meet these image size requirements, your photos may appear skewed. A professional Toronto corporate videographer can advise you on how to get quality images for your Facebook page.
Leverage on Pinned Posts
According to research, most people will visit your Facebook page wall only once, like it and thereafter interact with your posts from their newsfeed. Because of this, your efforts should be to get people click the like button on your page. As a page admin, you can pin one of your favorite posts at the top of your page. This post should be unique, interesting, and containing eye-catching images.
How to Engage with Your Target Market through Facebook Groups 
Inasmuch as Facebook pages are the main tools you should be using as a business owner to market your business on Facebook, joining industry-related groups can be an effective add-on strategy. Participating in these groups can easily establish you as an authority in your field. Through these groups, you can engage with your audience in a much more relatable and personal way thereby becoming part of the day-to-day conversations of your target market.
Enhancing Social Sharing through Plugins and Buttons
Linking your website to your Facebook page can give you a powerful channel through which traffic can move seamlessly from your Facebook page to your website and vice versa. Ensure you put like and share buttons on your blog and website content so as to give your visitors a chance to share the content on their respective Facebook pages and also visit your Facebook page.
In addition to the above, ensure you get the frequency of your posting right and use paid options where possible to increase your reach and likes. Social media marketing agency Toronto can help you put all this together thereby giving your business an upper hand among its competition.

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