Beach Properties In Turkey Attract Interest

Spot Blue, a Turkish property specialist, is responsible for awarding the “Blue Flag” to countries that participate in its rating system, and this year it has given 383 …

Spot Blue, a Turkish property specialist, is responsible for awarding the “Blue Flag” to countries that participate in its rating system, and this year it has given 383 awards to Turkey. The attention has helped attract investors and second-home buyers to Turkey’s beaches and marinas, and Spot Blue reps say awards can help properties retain or increase in value. Blue Flags are awarded for water quality, safety, the surrounding environment and other factors. Realtors are quick to note that people shouldn’t be turned off by Turkey’s seeming political turmoil, because the problem is not serious and are not centered near the country’s coastlines. For more on this continue reading the following article from Property Wire.

Second home hunters looking for an overseas property near a clean, safe beach are spoilt for choice in Turkey, according to Turkish property specialist Spot Blue.

Some 383 beaches have been awarded the coveted Blue Flag status this year, the most the country has ever achieved and 59 more than in 2012. It means that Turkey now has the third highest number of Blue Flag beaches out of all 48 countries that participate in scheme.

Turkey is ahead of France, which this year drops to fourth from third. The country also has 21 Blue Flag marinas, currently the seventh highest number.

‘While some countries are falling down the rankings, Turkey is raising its game and improving the quality of its beaches and marinas,’ said Julian Walker, director at Spot Blue. ‘The knock on effect is positive for the property market. Being near a Blue Flag beach can only help a property hold value,’ he added.

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Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast now has 179 Blue Flag beaches, more than double that of any other Turkish region. Mugla has the second highest number with 76 and three  beaches in Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara are also on the list.

To be awarded a Blue Flag, a beach is assessed on water quality, environmental management, safety and services, and availability of information about the environment. Out of Turkey’s 21 Blue Flag marinas, seven are in the Mugla region, six in the Antalya region, two in Istanbul, two in Aydin, two in Izmir, and one in both Balikesir and Yalova.

‘The latest Blue Flag list highlights just how untapped much of Turkey’s coastline is. Away from the main resorts, there are dozens of stunning beaches and bays that many foreigners never encounter, real gems each with a selection of properties to choose from,’ explained Walker.

Walker also said that buyers should not be worried by the recent violence in Turkey as shown in the television news. He pointed out that it was largely confined to the street protests in Istanbul and Ankara, not in the regions where foreign buyers have holiday homes.

‘Some people have been concerned by pictures they have seen on the television but I have spoken to our agents in Turkey and it is business as usual. The violence has been localized to a particular area from what I can gather from people on the ground,’ he pointed out.

‘Protests are part of living in a democracy and if there were real concerns then the UK’s Foreign Office would be advising people not to travel. We are still receiving just as much interest from foreign buyers as we were before the protests,’ he said.

‘As far as we are concerned Turkey is a safe place to buy property and potential buyers who have concerns should feel free to get in touch and we will try to answer their questions,’ he added.

This article was republished with permission from Property Wire.


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