Best Houses for sale in Malibu

 Malibu has been host to a lot of Hollywood stars who own their private beach houses on the shores of Malibu. Now you have a chance to live …

 Malibu has been host to a lot of Hollywood stars who own their private beach houses on the shores of Malibu. Now you have a chance to live with them the way they live, as the real estate market in Malibu is flourishing, and various listings in all price ranges are available.

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Southern California and particularly Malibu is the best place to live a life king size. Historically, Malibu has been hosting a list of famous Hollywood stars who own their beach houses in various parts of Malibu. If you too want to live in house one like Charlie Harper used to live in, there are various options available for you.
Luxury Malibu Real Estate market is recovering from the 2008 economic meltdown, and the real estate agents have reported an increased number of applicants looking to see the house site to buy luxury homes facing the beautiful ocean.
Malibu beach houses are known to be luxurious and expensive. Now more than ever, demand is rising for buying homes in the South California region and particularly in Malibu, and there is an increase in the listings available. If you have a big budget, your dream of owning Malibu lots can become real in no time.
Real estate in Malibu:
1. Victoria Point: 
If you are looking to own an estate in the western end of the Broad Beach Road, buying a home at the Victoria point is one of the best options available at your disposal. There are various homes listed for sale in the Victoria Point area at varied price ranges between five million and above. The Victoria Point is host to various celebrities, and the houses are perfect to live like the stars.
2. Malibu Colony: 
Malibu Colony is an exciting place to buy a home. There are various houses listed in the price range of $7.5 to 255 million. The houses support all luxuries with patio space and personal decks facing the beautiful beach. The houses can easily be rented at the price of around $150k a month.
3. Pacific coast highway: 
If you are looking to buy a luxury Malibu real estate in the Pacific coast highway region, this is the time for you to become excited. There are a lot of viable listings available in the area at the price range of $8 million and above, and the houses are built to perfection. If you are a Mexican food lover, this area is specifically recommended for you as its host to one of the best Mexican restaurants.
4. Latigo shore drive: 
If you are looking to buy a house in Malibu but are unable to shed money in multiple millions, this is not the time for you to worry but smile. Latigo shore drive has various listed houses in the range of below a five million dollars, so now you can buy a house of your dreams, at the location of your dreams, and at the price of your dreams.
Buying a house in Malibu is an expensive affair. But if you research well and find the right estate agent to help you, you can be rest assured that you will get better returns on your investments.

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