Estate Planning is for Everyone

Are you concerned about what will happen to your investments, your cars, your house, and your money when you pass away? Are you sure your loved ones will …

Are you concerned about what will happen to your investments, your cars, your house, and your money when you pass away? Are you sure your loved ones will be properly cared for, and that the nest egg you have worked for so many years to build will be distributed quickly, and to those you intended? How much will the government take, and how much are they entitled to? Who should care for your children? With an estate plan, created by you, with the help of a local attorney, you will make sure the local and federal governments aren’t taking more than their share and that your loved ones are properly cared for. Your children will appreciate that you thought ahead to help them navigate this difficult time, and you can rest easy knowing that your estate will be taken care of how you see fit, not how the government wants it to be.

Estate Planning is for everyone. It is not just for the retired or the elderly. Most everyone has an estate. Your estate is comprised of everything you own, while some of these things are very clear, others may not be. You may have retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, and out of state investments which may not be as clear to your family as they are to you. Your financial records can sometimes be tricky to navigate for you, and you know how and where your assets are distributed. Imagine what your loved ones will need to do to figure out your plan when you’re gone, especially while burdened with grief.

Without a properly prepared estate plan when you die, or become mentally or physically disabled the courts will control how your assets are to be managed, not your family. In the unfortunate event that both you are your spouse pass at the same time, and you have you have underage children, the courts will appoint a guardian for them. Are you comfortable with the courts deciding who should raise your children and how your estate should be distributed?

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Things to consider when choosing an Estate Planner?

  • Don’t wait till it’s too late. Accidents can happen, and illnesses can come on quickly.
  • Use a local estate lawyer.  Local lawyers and law firms law firms understand the legal and financial landscape and laws that can better help you.
  • Fully Understand What Is Important. Understand the basics of Estate planning and ask questions. Your estate-planning attorney can help bring you peace of mind that your investments and loved ones will be properly cared for. 
  • With advancements in healthcare, people are living longer. If you are disabled your assets may need to last longer. You want to make sure you plan for any possible eventuality.
  • Estate planning is about more than just investments, make sure your medical wishes and the care of your children or pets are properly addressed.

A clearly defined estate plan prepared by you with the aid of a qualified local estate planning lawyer will ensure your wishes are carried out and your assets properly divided and will provide you and your family with a peace of mind, knowing that those difficult decisions are being made as you wanted them to be.  


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