Executive Producer / Investor for Low Budget Horror Feature Film

Seeking Investors for low budget horror feature, The Tide, currently scheduled to go into production 3rd quarter, 2012.  The project will recall elements of style and tone from …

Seeking Investors for low budget horror feature, The Tide, currently scheduled to go into production 3rd quarter, 2012.  The project will recall elements of style and tone from seminal horror films Rosemary’s Baby (1968), The Fog (1980), The Shining (1980), Dead and Buried (1981), Poltergeist (1982), and most recently, Paranormal Activity (2007).

Short Synopsis:

Alex Craven (mid 20’s, female), answers an online ad for a live-in caregiver, and soon finds herself working for Sonja Devornay and her 30-something disabled son, David, at the Devornay’s eclectic old homestead located along California’s historic Central Coast.  Sonja forbids Alex to have any direct contact with David, but the two meet unexpectedly and eventually kindle an unlikely friendship.

Alex struggles to decipher David’s seemingly incoherent ramblings about night-time visitors to the Devornay homestead, but soon, Alex discovers that David’s stories about ghostly children and hostile spirits roaming the halls may be true after all.  The mystery around the house deepens as Alex uncovers a long-hidden connection she has with one of the malevolent spirits, and she begins to realize that her coming to the house may not have been chance at all.

As Sonja becomes increasingly suspicious over Alex and David’s secret friendship, she tightens her grip on the household, squirreling David away in his room and effectively making Alex a prisoner.  Inevitably, the turmoil in the Devornay house reaches a fever pitch, and negative energy engulfs the property, causing long-dormant evil spirits to arise and ransack the house in a pulse-pounding final sequence that will leave viewers too afraid to sleep with the lights off.

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The Tide is the second feature film project for writer/director Rory Walsh.  Walsh’s first directorial effort, the psychological thriller Lesser Miracles, was shot on a shoestring budget with a full time crew of only eleven people.  Lesser Miracles was recently nominated for Best Picture at the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival in Grand Rapids, MI.  Trailers for the film can be seen here and here.

All key personnel are currently in place for The Tide, including Lesser Miracles’ acclaimed director of photography, Terrance Stewart, as well as a seasoned production team and supporting cast.  We hope to acquire two popular "horror queens" with notable fanbases for the lead roles of Alex and Sonja (budget permitting).

The film can be produced successfully for $500K, however, there are a number of water shots to be filmed on the open sea as well as heavy make-up effects that would benefit from a higher budget.  Raising $1 million for the budget would ensure the participation of our preferred choice of marquee talent as well as acquiring the necessary creative team to bring the numerous complex visual effects to life.

Rory Walsh has produced three feature films budgeted from $50K to $625K, and has worked in various departments on seven feature films, dozens of music videos, and many international commercials.

Please contact rory@rorywalsh.com for specific details regarding investment opportunities for this project, including a copy of the full script (WGA registered).


Rory Walsh www.rorywalsh.com


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