Five Most Common Business Trip Locations In Europe

The biggest perk of travelling for business is that you get to be paid to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. Granted you probably …

The biggest perk of travelling for business is that you get to be paid to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. Granted you probably have to sit through many hours of boring business meetings, but everything comes at a price. Here are some of the top cities in Europe for frequent business, and if you’re a travelling business person, you can look forward to the honour of visiting a number of these locations. Just remember your European Health Insurance Card renewal ahead of your trip in case of illness or emergency.


The Spanish business capital and home to 90% of all Spanish business, more than a million business travellers flock here every year. In order to cater for them, Madrid has some of the most sophisticated conference and convention venues, making the capital a classic Spanish city with a contemporary twist.


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Home to the European Union’s parliament and headquarters, some of the finest collections of art on the continent and a very diverse music scene, Brussels is top place of business in Europe due to its political power. Plus with a thriving chocolate business just down the road, Brussels is a unique mix of business and pleasure that attracts people from all over the world on a regular basis.


The German city has grown as one of the largest financial centres in recent years. The majority of the world’s main banks, including the European Central Bank, have offices in the Frankfurt which makes it one of Germany’s top metropolitan cities. It is a regular occurrence for business people from over 200 countries to travel to Frankfurt on a regular basis and the majority of them speak English which makes things even more convenient.


The Turkish capital has been the connection between the east and west for many thousands of years. For corporate partners Istanbul is one of the most recognised and well established meeting points for business appointments. Should you get any free time between business, you’d be very wise to visit the Byzantine and Ottoman ruins as well sampling the local cuisine in the many fine restaurants in the city centre.


Without question the most popular city for European business travel and for very good reason. With the classic cobblestone streets, busy markets and ancient monuments, Paris is the busiest point of entry in the single European market. Home to any kind of business you can imagine including investment banks, Paris has the world’s highest concentration of corporate juggernauts. The only problem with travelling to Paris on business is that there is very little time to enjoy Paris from a tourists perspective, after all there is plenty to be seen and enjoyed.

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