Fresh and Effective Ideas for Your Content Marketing

 Effective content marketing could be exactly what you need in order to attract and retain more customers in the modern business world. With most people now being so …

 Effective content marketing could be exactly what you need in order to attract and retain more customers in the modern business world.

With most people now being so smart at avoiding traditional marketing pitches that don’t interest them, it is vital that you find ways to give your clients and prospective clients information that is relevant and use to them. So how will you do this?

Get the Customers Involved

There are a number of ways to get your customers involved in the process of content marketing. For a start you could take a poll on a certain aspect of your business and then write about the results. If the results lead to you making some positive changes then this is even better.  Another idea is to ask your existing customers if they wouldn’t mind giving you some comments for a feature on satisfied customers. If you sell on a face to face basis then you could interview happy customers as they close their deals and get some good quotes from them.  While all of these pieces of content are about specific customer related issues and situations, there is plenty of scope for adding in other useful information at the same time.

Write About What the Future Could Bring

We all love to think ahead and imagine the future. If you are part of a fast moving industry then this can be a really good fun piece of content to produce. Even if you are in a more traditional sort of business it shouldn’t take too much effort to come up with some interesting thoughts on the future. This could be a light hearted piece in general but you could also use it to make some relevant points about how things have changed for the better in recent times.

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Send Out Printed Brochures or Leaflets

We can’t afford to think that content marketing is just about your online presence. These days our blogs and social media accounts play a huge part in the way we reach out to our customers. However, we also need to remember that we can communicate in other ways too. A good example here is the way in which traditional printed material can have a huge impact when used in the right way. If you are thinking of sending out content in this way then the first step is to decide to hire a printing company to get it right. You will want your brochure or leaflet to be of the highest quality possible as well as containing useful information.  

Use Infographics

Infographics offer a fantastic way to present a lot of useful information in an easy to read format. You could use these to give details of anything that could be of interest to your customers, such as recent trends or the results of a customer survey. They can also be used to add in some light hearted facts while still getting across the most important points you want to cover. These are great fun to read if done well and there is also a chance that you can get other sites to use them and spread the word on your behalf.

Check the Latest News Stories

Ideally, you will want to show that you are an expert in your industry. Part of the way of doing this is to keep up to date with the latest new stories and comment on them. Are there new pieces of technology that could make life easier for the client or is there a controversial piece of new legislation that the public should know more about? Clearly this is something that is easier to do in some industries than in others but you should at least give it a try.

Attract Guest Writers

Anyone can run out of ideas for the content they write at some point.  This is one of the reasons why having guest writers can work so well. Another reason is that they can bring a new, fresh perspective to the subject. Guest writers can simply be members of staff if this approach works for you. If you have specialists in certain areas then they can write about what they do and how it benefits the customers. Another idea is to try and get hold of prominent people in your industry. Instead of asking them to write guest content you could simply ask them some questions and turn into a blog post or some other form of interesting content. 

Add Videos and Images

Some images and videos can be very useful in making your content more eye-catching. In some types of business this is a fantastic way of giving the customers instructional videos that make it easier to choose a product or to make the best use of what they buy. Even if your line of business doesn’t immediately lend itself to a series of videos and images it is still worth trying to work out how you could add some videos or photos in your content. 


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